Becoming Octopus Meditation 6 :: 2020

Becoming Octopus Meditation 6 2020
running time: 10 minutes 25 seconds

Hi Everyone,
This has been a hard one in some ways – it’s the one in which I wanted to tackle how we treat each other and other kinds of life, particularly in the western worldview. The backdrop to the story here is definitely the links between how we have assumed all life is there to serve us or be consumed, and the current climate crisis and increasing inequality in the world. I found a book from the 1950s on cephalopods, and was horrified by the experiments done on octopuses in the name of science. We’ve come a long way since then but still a long way to go! Familiar stuff to most of you I’m sure. On the amazing side, I’ve reconnected with a friend who free dives and can hold his breath for ages and is fearless and films his dives. He is called Jamie and he’s shared some of his footage for me to use. We dive the same sites but he goes deeper and more often. Enjoy the beautiful swim throughs and mesmerising footage of sharks. And the whales singing!

And as always, huge thanks to my Blender collaborator and teacher, Megan. 

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