Black Water ghost prescient :: 2015

Black Water ghost prescient :: 2015
Video length: 20 minutes

‘Black Water ghost prescient’ amplifies the darkening waters and turbulent ocean of the 2014 ‘Shadow Operators’ video, and explores a liquid future inhabited by ghostly hooded observers.

It is in some ways a beginning for the GIR project, currently in development.

Video and collages by Mer Maggie Roberts, images by Mer and Ranu Mukherjee. The sliver cape and ninja ghosts are Daisy Bogaert and the Hoody, Chris Brehem. ‘Black Waters’ awaits a sound track…

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THE EDGE OF WRONG 9.2: segue/ the fold


Jan 30th 2015
Atlantic House
1 Perth road, 7405 Maitland, Western Cape, South Africa

Cello and saxophone improvising with traffic noises under a highway bridge. A performance of Terry Riley’s in C for two laptops. Avant noise electronics. Analogue synthesizers. A postrock ambient drone ensemble with experimental cinematography. Performance art. People playing on obscure instruments, like the blik ‘n snaar.

The ethos of Edge of Wrong is what the philosophers Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari call the logic of the AND. Instead of relying on an either/or approach to artistic expression, we choose instead to explore the creative becomings that emerge from unusual, even impossible combinations (or folds, as we’re calling them for EOWct9.2) of sound, visuals and performance. As Deleuze says, “it’s always in-between, between two things; it’s the borderline, there’s always a border, a line of flight or flow, only we don’t see it, because it’s the least perceptible of things. And yet it’s along this line of flight that things come to pass, becomings evolve, revolutions take shape.”

Please join us on Friday, 30 January for our next foray into the pleats, folds and unexpected segues of contemporary music, visual art and performance.

NB: We ask that all guests arrive at 7pm latest as we will be taking a short group walk to a nearby highway bridge for our first performance, returning to the venue at 7:30 for the rest of the evening.


HUNTER THOMPSON ONCE SAID that there is no honest way to explain the edge, “because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.”

It is a kind of hidden place that is revered and feared by some – the hellish underbelly of the world. Yet it is also a place searched for, written about, and found in the music of the strange. And it is this edge we want to bring to you by creating a space which allows musicians to etch out the edge of wrong, pushing the boundaries so that new sounds might be found.

The EDGE OF WRONG festival is currently in its ninth year and serves mainly to facilitate cultural exchange. Though it has become an established production network it is forever evolving, intent on creating a sustainable environment for quality art of an exploratory nature.



AAF is LIVE. Sydney 5th and 6th February 2015