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Ranu Mukherjee
3340 21st Street
San Francisco, Ca. 94110

+1 415 279 2314

Mer Maggie Roberts
160 London Road
London, SM4 5AT

(Capetown studio +27(0)826605761)

2005 – CURRENT.        0RPHAN DRIFT

0rphan Drift’s contemporary work manifests as video projections, installations, texts and site specific projects. Carrying the signal into a moment organized much more thoroughly by time travel. Considering current narratives around climate change, bio- capital and related migratory patterns we re-imagine the urban as porous, interspecies and terraformed. We are researching the sentience and sensory intelligence of the octopus in an attempt to imagine the alien distributed consciousness of algorithm systems, and continue to work with moving images and ancient predictive technologies such as I-Ching and the shamanic technique of Interspecies Communication to create non-linear narratives and installations.


New project in development, ‘Nine Brains’: a speculative fiction project that assumes an octopoid world view as a means of playing with and questioning the presence of artificial intelligence in current narratives of futurity. The project includes fiction writing, research, performance scores, digital animation and watercolours.

Developing ISCRI, an ongoing project with Etic Lab to explore how an algorithm might communicate with an octopus, involving Machine Learning, VFX and VR.
Partnered by the Serpentine Gallery’s Creative AI Lab.


Serpentine Twitch TV event ‘A Cephalopod <-> Machine Encounter’, Maggie Roberts of 0rphan Drift & Serpentine Arts Technologies in conversation

and essay on the project by Alasdair Milne of the Creative AI Lab

Also in development ‘Fluid Ground’ curated by Kirsten Cooke involving Arebyte and IMT galleries, London.

Working with the Marine Biology Association cephalopod team, Plymouth and James Loudon underwater cameraman (BBC and varuna Films), Capetown.


2022 0rphan Drift and Nine Brains, Digital residency, IMT Gallery. Curated by Kirsten Cooke and Lindsay Friend, London
London Art Fair, IMT Gallery

2021 May the Other Live in Me, Laboratoria Art Science, Moscow

Zero/1ne 2, Hansen House, Jerusalem

IMT Metabolic Market at GIANT, Bournemouth

Monitor: Surveillance, Data and the New Panoptic, ICA MECA, Maine

2020 0D’s ‘IF AI: AIBOHPORTSUALC’ in ‘The Archive To Come’ at Telematic Gallery San Francisco.


0D Maggie Roberts ‘Becoming Octopus Meditations’ in the ACE funded ‘This Is A Not-Me’ at iMT Gallery, London.

This Is A Not-Me at IMT Gallery London

0D’s Maggie Roberts in ‘I’VE NEVER SEEN THE SKY LIKE THIS BEFORE’ at Suthwest Contemporary Gallery, Adelaide, Australia.

If AI, Basic Channel, Sheffield, UK

Phreak curated by Ido Radon @ Institute for Speculative Research at Yale Union, Portland, OR.

2019 ‘IF AI’ Screening and performance, Quanta Qualia’s Non Local Research, Antwerp. 0D video screenings at Basic Channel, Sheffield; Supernormal, The Invisible College, Stroud, UK.

‘GREEN SKEEN’ with Plastique Fantastique at Rhubaba Gallery, Edinburgh.

0D in group show ‘SPECULATIVE FRICTIONS’, Portland OR.

2018 ‘FEMINISMS, GENDER AND RESISTANCE’ at Nottingham Contemporary.

‘INTERSPECIES DISCO’ 0D with Joe Walsh, Stephanie Moran and Kirsten Cooke, ASMR performance at Skeen Nite Come with Plastique Fantastique at CPG, London.

‘MIASMA’ in Chrominance, Alembic ll at Res Gallery, London. ACE funded three part exhibition. Miasma


Online talk with Res. and Ayesha Tan Jones.

Audiovisual screening and performance at The Edge Of Wrong Capetown, South Africa.

2017 ‘UNRULY CITY’ in the ‘2nd Changjiang International Photography and Video Biennale’ at the Changjiang Museum of Contemporary Art, China.

Video and still images for Delphi Carstens The Anthropocene Crisis at the Radical Pedagogies AERA Symposium, Houston, Texas and New Materialisms Conference, Paris.

Presentation of 0rphan Drift recent techno animal video works at We The People To Come Deleuze and Guattari conference, UCT Capetown.

Eaten By Code: 90’s Art As Resistance at The Lomex Gallery, NYC.

‘METIS’ video for Dr Betti Marenko’s Mumbai event, FutureCrafting: Speculation, Design and the Nonhuman, or how to live with digital uncertainty @ Aesthetics and the Political in Contemporary Conference February 13-17, 2017. Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai.

Chthonic Live: Ancient Females in the Red Rift of Rays. Resonamce FM.

2016 ‘MATTER FICTIONS’, Berardo Museum, Lisbon. 0rphan Drift video and book. ‘MULTIPLES’, Lomex Gallery, Baltimore. Video works.

The Dold Projects ‘GALA EXHIBITION’ at The Villa Space, Villingen, Germany.

2015 ‘ALTERNATIVE 23 VISITATION’ & ‘I’M TEN’ both at the IMT Gallery, London.

2014 ‘SCHIZO-CULTURE’ at the Space Gallery, London.

2010 ‘Post– Apocalyse’ Postcard series by 0rphan Portal for ‘SHADOWSHOP’, ‘The More Things Change’, Stephanie Syjuco at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

2009 ‘A WILDERNESS OF ELSEWHERES’, by 0rphan Portal, in ‘Obsidiana’,Galeria AFA, Santiago, Chile. ScreenLab at Studio for Urban Project(ion)s, San Francisco.

2008 ‘VIVIDWILD’, 0rphan Portal at Fort Gallery, Oakland, C.A. ‘Eccentric Spaces and Serious Pleasures’, The Colony Room at New Langton Arts, San Francisco.

2002 ‘SHARPENING THE ARROWS, DISTILLING POWER, INCREASING DESIRE’ – Video and photographic exhibition, Bang The Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa.

2001 ‘SLIK’ – large computer printout in ‘Century City Exhibition’, Tate Modern, London.

2000 ‘MARTIN’ Commercial Gallery and Atlantis, London Travelled; Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Maygood Gallery, Newcastle and Galeria Dziekanka, Warsaw. ‘Viper TV’ Bank, London and satellite venues.

1999 ‘EXPO-DESTRUCTO’ – Poster Studio, London.

1998 ‘MARTIN’ – Commercial Gallery and Atlantis, London. Toured: Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Maygood Gallery, Newcastle and Galeria Dziekanka, Warsaw.

1997 ‘POST’ – GPO Building, Edinburgh. ‘BIG BLUE’ – Coins Coffee Store, London. ‘POPOCULTURAL 2’, Southampton City Art Gallery, UK.

1996 ‘DIAGRAM VIBRATION’ – Installation in ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’, Bank, London.
Accompanied by performance collaboration with Nick Land @Bank T.V.

1995 ‘HANGING PICNIC’ – Factual Nonsense, London. ‘MACHINE VISION’ – A remix of the Predator films. The Factory, Rotterdam.


2019 ‘IF AI WERE CEPHALOPOD’, 4 channel video installation at Telematic Gallery, San Francisco. Art Forum Critic’s Pick 05.2019 Artists in conversation with Surahbi Saraf.

2017 ‘CAT ICE TRICKSTER’, audio visual installation for Ø at Corsica Studios, London.

2016 ‘UNRULY CITY’, Dold Projects, Germany. 0rphan Drift major video, animation and collage installation. &

2003 ‘DOUBLE WALKER’ – Multiple TV – presented audio visual filmic piece. Pitt Gallery, Vancouver. Funded by British Council and Canadian Arts Board.

2002 ‘MOTION CAPTURE’ and ‘MISCHIEF’ – Residency culminating in a series of collaborative events between 0rphan Drift and audio artists, notably Kode9. Minimum Existence, London.

2000 ‘TECHNICAL SUPPORT’ – Video installation in Zero Degree Monstrosities festival, Digital Earth. Artspeak gallery, Vancouver.
‘CARRIER’ – Installation of video, audio, diodes and scaffolding in 4 rooms. Projectsrom, KunstnernesHus, Oslo (the Nordraaks Prize Recipient for 2000).

1999 ‘SYZYGY’ – Installation of digital collages based on 5 fictional avatars animated by video, audio and live performers, curation of entry space with exhibition of related artists works, seminars and workshops. Beaconsfield Arts, London. Funded by the Arts Council of England.

1996 ‘ARIADNE’S GONE VIRTUAL’ – Mixed media/audio visual labyrinth installation, 30 Underwood Street Gallery, London.

1994 ‘0(rphan)d(rift>)’ – Photographic installation, Cabinet Gallery, London.


2021 Essay on the ISCRI project by Alasdair Milne, Serpentine Gallery Creative AI Lab

Exploring the Pluriverse: Fictioning, Science and Interspecies Communication with Stephanie Moran, Etic Lab, for Ecocene online Journal of Environmental Humanities, Vol. 2 No.1.

The Octopus and the Artificial Intelligence. Feature on ISCRI written with Stephanie Moran, Etic Lab. The British Marine Biologist Magazine, July 2021 issue 

2020 Feature on Maggie Roberts and 0rphan Drift by Paul Carey-Kent, Seisma Art, Science and Technology magazine. and

2019 ‘IF AI WERE CEPHALOPOD’ exhibition catalogue, with Telematic Gallery. ‘FICTIONING, THE MYTH-FUNCTIONS OF CONTEMPORARY ART AND PHILOSOPHY’ featuring 0rphan Drift, by David Burrows and Simon O’Sullivan, Edinburgh University Press.

Text for Suzanne Treister’s From SURVIVOR (F) to The Escapist BHST (Black Hole Spacetime) at the Serpentine Gallery, London.

2018 ‘STILL I RISE’ catalogue, publ. Nottingham Contemporary, De La Warr Pavilion and Arnolfini. ‘MIASMA, A READER’ by Kirsten Cooke, ACE funded.

2017 ‘FUTURES AND FICTIONS’, ed. Gunkel, Hameed and O’Sullivan, Repeater Books. > ‘THE THINGS THAT KNOWLEDGE CANNOT EAT’, chapter in Fiction as Method, Sternberg Press (based on Goldsmiths 2015 symposium). ‘WHITE NOISE PROPOSITIONS’, with Lucy A. Saimes for Suzanne Treister SURVIVOR F’ at IMT Gallery, London. ACE funded. Excerpts in Serpentine Gallery Treister catalogue 2019.

2016 ‘MATTER FICTIONS’, catalogue contribution, Museo Berardo, Lisbon.
Unruly City Images and I Ching text for the Ecological Citizen online art magazine. ‘AAA‘ (Art Against Art) Magazine. Ed. Manuel Gnam & Taslima Ahmed, Contribution to Art Journal From Within Post-Market Culture. Issue 3, published Berlin, Germany.
‘EVERTING THE VIRTUAL’, public talk on 0D at Goldsmiths College, London, Reading University Fine Art phd, Ruskin College Oxford. ‘THE THINGS THAT KNOWLEDGE CANNOT EAT’, chapter in ‘Fiction As Method’, Sternberg Press. (based on Goldsmiths College 2015 symposium).
‘CHRONIC EPOCH’, Beaconsfield Arts, London. 0D featured in this publication.

2012 ‘0(rphan)d(rift>) CYBERPOSITIVE’ – Relaunch with texts by Nick Land & 0D. published by Cabinet II and Mute Magazine

2008 ‘RENEGADE ACADEMIA’ review by Simon Reynolds in D.J. Spooky’s ‘SOUND UNBOUND’ collection of essays. ‘APOCALYPSE HYPERSTITIONS’ – 0rphan Portal with Delphi Carstens of Simulflow. Capetown, South Africa.

2007 ‘LIQUID LATTICES’ – 0rphan Portal collaborative text and images with CCRU for ‘Frozen Tears 3’, publ. London 2008.

2004 Booklet to accompany ‘TECHGNOSIS’ audio visual event, Cape Town, SA.

1999 ‘MESHED’ a Katacomic – text by CCRU, imagery by 0rphan drift. ‘HYBRIDIZED’ – Video compilation of 5 shorts with commissioned sound track. ‘RADIUS SUCK’ – Vocals for audio compilation by Ocosi and Kode9.

1997 ‘ZONE CODES’ – i/o/d, Underground Publications on-line.

1996 Imagery for Cyberarchitectures feature in ‘Architecture Association Magazine’, London.
Imagery for ‘Mind Virus2’ CD Rom, Australia.

1995 ‘0(rphan)d(rift>) CYBERPOSITIVE’ – novel, Cabinet Editions, London. ‘YouV gen’ – Short story, Mute Magazine, pilot issue, London. 0D CODES and Interview – Fringeware Review, Texas.


2022 Artist VJ commission for Kode9 at the Roundhouse Camden Town. Collaboration with Lightfarm LIDAR

2021 0D showreel exploring ideas for ISCRI and Nine Brains – current 3D animation prototyping:

Mutation FIBER Festival, Amsterdam. ISCRI presentation with Stephanie Moran, Etic Lab.

Learning to Think Outside Anthropocentrism, Laboratoria Art Science, Moscow. Invited Artist with Ranu Mukherjee, online presentation.

Invited Artist with Delphi Carstens. Octopoid Aesthetics. Astrida Neimanis respondent, for Hydrofeminisms, UWC, Capetown, South Africa.

Art Machines 2 conference, Hong Kong. Invited Artist. ISCRI presentation with Stephanie Moran, Etic Lab at

2020 Guest Artist with ‘IN-GRID’, Arebyte Gallery’s Goldsmiths MA in Computational Arts Residency. and

0rphan Drift Publicrecords.TV, produced the bi-weekly pubic access program during Covid-19 quarantine, Francis Harris’s Public Records, NY, USA.

Hybrid Futures Lab for Dr Betti Marenko’s Digital Innovations Season, University of the Arts, London. Invited Artist with Tobias Rees (Transformation of the Human School, C.A.) and

Game of the Real WHAP, CAL Arts, Berkley C.A., USA with Amanda Beech. Online artist talk.

Radical Reworlding. University of British Columbia, 0rphan Drift keynote artists lecture for the 44th Annual Graduate Symposium.

2019 ‘KRAKEN?’ 0rphan Drift Etic Lab collaborative presentation with Ramon Amaro at Goldsmiths University, Visual Cultures Department.

‘INTERSPECIES DISCO Part 2’ with Joe Walsh and Kirsten Cooke at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth

Ramon Amaro in Conversation with 0rphan Drift Maggie Roberts and Ranu Mukherjee.
Infectious Planet Symposium, Josephine Berry, RCA London.

2018 ‘GREEN SKEEN Part 2 and INTERSPECIES DISCO’ (Disco ASMR performance with Joe Walsh, Stephanie Moran and Kirsten Cooke), at Skeen Nite Come with Plastique Fantastique at CPG, London.

Maggie Roberts hosts the multidisciplinary symposium The Shaping of a Message:

2017 Maggie Roberts, Goldsmiths University Public Lecture series, hosted by Simon O’Sullivan Rituals in Liquidity:

2016 ‘GREEN SKEEN Part 1’. Horse Hospital, London. Plastique Fantastique collaboration. Screenings at ‘Skullcracker’ VAncouver & ‘Supernormal’, UK. ‘BRIGHT SKINS’ New video piece for ‘Unruly City’ exhibition at Dold Projects.

Maggie Roberts, Goldsmiths University Public Lecture series, hosted by Simon O’Sullivan Everting the Virtual:

2015 ‘BLACK WATER ghost prescient’ 18 minute video. On vimeo. Screening at ‘After Finitude’, Sydney and ‘Egde of Wrong’, Capetown, Transmetic Ordannance, London. Sorcery and Hyperstition, screening with Delphi Carstens at D&G&Africa, UCT, Capetown.

2014 ‘SHADOW OPERATORS’ 30 minute video commissioned for LCCT ‘Sounding the Counterfactual, Goldsmiths, London. With Kode9 and Plastique Fantastique. On vimeo. ‘Shadow Operators’ exhibited in ‘Grotto Heavens’ at CAC Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.
‘Voudon. Art, Uprising and Gnosis’, video screening with Leah Gordon and John Cussans, Regent Studios, London.
0rphan Drift 90’s & current video work screened at P.A.F.’s ‘Get Reassembled: Time, Intelligence, Acceleration’, France. Also during ‘Pharmakon’ symposium with the exhibition Megarave-Metarave in two art spaces in Switzerland, Kunsthaus Langenthal and WallRiss in Fribourg,

2013 ‘YOU ITS EYES 94-13’ video commissioned for CTM ‘Death of Rave’ & ‘Virtual Futures’, Berlin. ‘BECOMING ANIMAL’ slideshow for Delphi Carstens talk at “Figuring The Animal’ Symposium, U.W.C, Capetown.

2012 ‘SPECTRAL FLOW’ video by 0rphan Portal for ‘HYPERSTITION’ TEDx talk by Delphi Carstens.

2011 Screenings by both 0rphan Drift and 0rphan Portal at Virtual Futures 2.0’11. ‘Digital Narratives: Fear of the Flesh’. University of Warwick.

2010 Screening of 0rphan Portal’s ‘A WILDERNESS OF ELSEWHERES’ in ‘Videohole’, Noma Gallery. San Francisco.

2009 Screenings various at the International Tattoo Convention, Capetown, South Africa.

2008 0rphan Portal. Filming and editing of four short video pieces for screening at GROOVY TROOPERS/SIMULFLOW events.

2007 Screening ‘Rituals of Vodou’, Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

2005 Screening of four shorts – South African Ghost Stories. 0rphan Portal at Raindance Film Festival, London.

2004 Screenings: N.Y. Independent Film Festival in Los Angeles.
Jacmel Film Festival-Fondation Sant D’A, Jakmel Haiti.
0rphan drift-Simulflow collaborations for the Viral Lounge, Capetown.
Tipper, DNA Lounge, San Francisco.
BTX vs the Catacoombs of Boom, San Francisco.
Lucid, Soluna and Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco.

2003 Art Live3, Festival of Contaminations, Turin. Residency in San Francisco working for audio visual installation ‘DOUBLE WALKER’, at the Pitt Gallery, Vancouver. June-July 2003. Funded by the British Council and Canadian Arts. ‘OCEAN SENTENCE’ and ‘INTIMATTER’ – Narrative/experimental short films. Capetown, SA.

Exotic Erotic, Cow Palace, San Francisco. Photek, DNA Lounge, San Francisco. 0d, Milk Bar, Vancouver.

2002 ‘PALE RIDERS’ – Video screening at the Salt River Centre, Capetown. ‘P.A.Z.’ and related videos – ‘Nuevas Tecnologias de Genero’, University of Valencia, Spain. 0D videos – Burning Man, Friends and Family Campout , Mendocino Ca. ‘KAPONE’ – 0rphan Drift and Kode9 collaboration. screening with live audio, during Raindance Film Festival, London. ’20 i SKOGEN’ – Theatre performance, Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo, Norway. Video Riot, Transcinema Festival, D7/Emarcadero, San Francisco.
Oojami, Barbican Centre, London and Babylon, Istanbul.
Soundscapes, Belgrade Yard Sound System, Belgrade.

2001 ‘P.A.Z.’ ‘permanent autonomous zone’ – 15 min. DV piece on skin and ink, video as a body without organs. Horse Hospital, London. Raindance Film Festival opening, Global Cafe, London. Video set for ‘AI’ Steven Spielberg film featuring Ministry.

2000 ‘LINEAMENTS OF THE LWA’ – 30 minute DV film essay on Vodun deities in Haitian art and culture. Funded by the Haiti Support Group. October Gallery, London. Kinokulture, The Chamber of Pop Culture, Horse Hospital, London. ‘SPIDERMAN’ – 4 minute video piece presented by Simon Reynolds for Pop Unlimited, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen. Nine Inch Nails ‘Fragile’ Tour USA Videographics for LED screen. ‘Rhythm and Stealth’ Tour Europe Videographics for Leftfield. International Videoprogramm Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin, curated by Angelika Richter, travelled; Trafo Galerie, Budapest, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe and Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow. ‘Feels Like Vodou Spirit’, October Gallery, London.
Cinemuerte International Horror Film Festival, Vancouver.
International Conference on Semiotics, University of Urbino, Italy.

1999 ‘9006’ – 16 minute video, Pop Promo Showcase, Raindance Film Festival, Metro Cinema, London. ‘NERVE’ I.C.A., London live video mixing.‘XCHROMOSOMES’ CD launch, Scala, London.
Fick, The Drome, London.

1998 ‘PRESSURE’ – 40 minute performance with video and vocals. Cyberia, London. ‘Viper T.V.’, Bank. London.

1997 ‘BRUISES’ – 20 min video piece and slide mixing for John Cage, ‘Classic’, inaugural concert by (rout), Beaconsfield Arts, London. Audiovisuls, BAKspace, London.

1996 ‘ORISA BLEED’ – Audiovisual performance piece,’Thinking Alien’, Leeds University. Performance @ Reembodiment, Goldsmiths University, London. Contributions to Blast 4, BIOINFORMATICA, New York.

1995 ‘REPLICANT VISION’ – Video projections, Technophobia Conference, ICA, London. ‘VOID’ – Multimedia Festival, Norway. ‘DEATH SIMSTIM’ ‘Virtual Futures2’, Warwick University 20 minute performance.
0rphan drift book launch, Poster Studio, London.
‘Possession’. 121 Centre, London.

Work has been reviewed in Mute magazine, Art Monthly, Frieze, ID, Fringeware Review, Time Out, Times Literary Supplement, The Guardian and reZonings 2.


orphan drift
Original 0(rphan)d(rift>) website, including the 1995 0d> Is manifesto. Contact Maggie Roberts for details.

Maggie Roberts
Maggie Roberts aka Mer. Her practice is science fictional and immersive. It complicates the distinctions between material and immaterial phenomena and dimensions, both in content and media.

Ranu Mukherjee

Ranu Mukherjee is a multi-disciplinary artist making hybrid films, ink paintings, sari pictures and collaborative or public projects.

Etic Lab
A research and design consultancy operating at the forefront of the digital technologies that are transforming our culture.

The Serpentine Creative AI Lab
Serpentine Gallery’s Arts and Technology R&D, created by Eva Jäger with Mercedez Bunz and Alasdair Milne, Kings College, London.

Suzanne Livingstone
(CCRU) Co-curator of the Barbican Curve’s More Than Human exhibition 2019.

Steve Goodman/ Kode9
Music producer, founder of Hyperdub record label, writer and DJ.

Anna Breytenbach
Interspecies Communicator,

James Loudon, Varuna Vision
Underwater cameraman (BBC Blue Planet series), Capetown South Africa.

Digital Animation and Worldbuilding Artists
Megan Bagshaw (VFX supervisor Capetown, South Africa); Jason Stapleton (LIDAR, Lightfarm, Capetown, South Africa); George Simms (Computational Artist, AI designer, London); Duncan Paterson (Computational Artist, London); Fran Hayes (Blender worldbuilder, London); James Irwin (#surface collider, London).

CCRU: Cybernetic culture research unit
The question of ‘the’ history of the Ccru is problematic, not least because Ccru activity is characterised by its antagonism towards stable temporality.