Becoming Octopus Meditation 5 :: 2020

Becoming Octopus Meditation 5 2020
running time: 10 minutes 22 seconds

Hi Everyone,
I hope you’ve had a good week. Apologies for the blurry eyes and small human presence in Meditation 5! My immersion in these meditations means that I’m in front of a screen most of the time, and am definitely feeling physically less radiant than when we started.

I’m also finding that each meditation forms itself more and more certainly. I feel more like a channel as time goes by and less reliant on research and conceptual framing. Pretty cool really. The octopuses must be recalibrating me. I have more sense of an unfolding conversation than when I started, although already for a long time focused on imagining into octopus consciousness. Working with a very special interspecies communicator, I’ve moved from imagining to asking questions and getting replies, often visually or somatically projected. There’s a film about this by the same Craig Foster who made ‘My Octopus Teacher’ now on Netflix. It’s called ‘Animal Communicator’.

Meditation 5 is about the evolution of the octopus as a curious and adaptable being, and an exploration of some of the unexpected things octopuses are experimenting with in different parts of the world – and why this might be.

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