Avatars and Static Works :: 1999

5<>4 KATAK  [View Slides]
[5pressure4melt] time rider. passes on time.

it has one eye with two pupils and one glassy eye that looks into itself. it is passing through, transforming the space it moves through (imagine earths crust forming), its touch makes sparks, its changes light, an unstable conducter, friction. its overall shape is bleeding strobes. it sheds- a transformation potential and a big trick. it is covered in spiney spiky things, dust and spikes behind the skin. it is missing two middle fingers (wounds for bloodletting). smoke visions. hybridized with artificial blood-lines. it has a mirage coat, sharp claws and a doghead mask. fever, madness, and atrocity. ominous rumblings. pounding solar waves. its sounds and visual attributes are full of rage temper friction brutality and devouring and very slow melting . It has too much energy. blue irradiation. radiation the artificial element. gas leaks. meltdown. it is made up of all the glorified parts of something and invokes serious fanatacism/belief/mass devotion (the electricity over belief equation).


invisibles. outside time. artificial lifeform. only sound and light. a vicious splicer, hits with a lazer and something splits and mutates immediately-no time to remember what it was before. UV with metal, metal/blades/light coming out of its eyes streaks around appearing as speed afterimage. refracting, replicating. ticking machines. precarious states .suckradius: images show its targets. exhales insanity. modular chunks of cyberspace-psychosis. a strobing black-mass of chronodisintegration. number symbol swarms- the swarm built from tiny tiny bits in a very dense mesh- inside coding, meshed up so you cant get through. violent imagery- the war machine. matt black and matt silver. blinding strobe rhythm. unstable dramatic shocks. no linearity. abduction. this is where time falls apart. twin-tracking through traumatic dissociation (whilst constantly doubling-back).it generates parannoia and uncertainty. machine-memory deep inside. atomic particles of lost touch. skin crawling with metal bloodlust.

7<>2 ODDUBB/ODOBI or XES  [View Slides]

time rider. passes on time. it’s transvestite female, overly female. it has a third eye scar (blindness). it is touch orientated. it is the most personal/intimate entity (an intimacy based on rumor). it is really high, laughs a lot, and is a tricky fucker. deranged. it carries hooks and is drenched in perfume. it has a lot of different voices and is a nightmare to psychologists. overstimulation. lost. ecstasy and pain. saying two things with one phrase is very key- makes it maze like/escher/ constantly fascinating.

p h y s i c a l t e l e p a t h y through m a g n e t i c m u t a t i o n into t r i c k s t e r t o u c h . erotic, magnetic, currency waves, cellullar radiating. addictions. it is inside out eyes (whites). its vision affects outside itself -it puts vision OUT. complex distortion. brain coral. skininside cybrid evolutionary riskfactor. intimatter traffic. currency.

it is very high tech in lots of ways (not really obvious ones, but a serious operator).it is machines as prosthetics. artificial and natural melt into each other. one body two speeds.

silicon/clone/labyrinth. glitter/trance/attention. media tart.

surface /illusion appears but isnt really what it looks like. it’s got a camera obsession. swap the inside outside round. do it on camera. fiction jokes are on them. surface of the body is madly detailed/intense and changing strange attractors/reflects surrounding on its skin. it is intimate with you through sound and visual. it plays with you out of both. imprints on sensation.

8<>1 MURMUR  [View Slides]

time rider. passes on time. below the surface, it’s alien. it is the webmaker, androgenous with peeling skin/scales/skin wrapped in seaweed, an external spine. sponge moss. it has a fake mammal tail (fakes what it isn’t as a land disguise). it is depth and surface at the same time. liquid camouflage. shape shifter. each surface takes a turn to shimmer.it is able to see everything at once because it is connected to everything at once and tracks itself. shimmerings.it has too many eyes. it tries to take you if you resist it because you have contacted it and so you are part of it. it is the web, it is what it percieves. it is see through skin. a jelly fish. it hunts in dreams. camouflage wave pattern as a space that hides and carries things. blood pattern synthetic. weave and space are related. it is cables, chips, circuitry,powder traces, violet pattern invisibles. a vibrational ocean. a drowned ghost(with dreds). it comes into the most immersive space. everything you touch ripples and changes in air that is like water. superfluid. it makes webs of touch. endless morphing. touch becoming, becoming touch. are the oceans extraterrestrial or not?

[9black mirror 0flatline]

invisibles. outside time. how do you know its there? artificial lifeform and a darkness. sound is a major part of the presence. shapes are made up of other things (negative space) and frozen juddered shadows, abstract geometries. really slow or hyper fast. distant and very close at the same time. distances and sizes are uncertain though it all seems very precise vast space. measureless space. something that you have always just missed. that which makes us what we are and can never be. the anorganic matter of unlife. subphysical, or hyperphysical.unformed. undead. an invisible zombie. black in black. multiple black holes. white dots. describes no contour and delineates no form. dark armour in dark. freezer-burn. blanks. no edges. always present. reality to the nth power. positive hole-flow. mirror infixes. everything that seems to end finishes up here. feeding blood to the shadows.

plutonic looping. claws of depleted uranium, eyes drowned in outer night. molecular decimation. unknown chemistries.

timetides and vampire zones. magnet pulls. particle behaviour.

splinterings along the main-flatline that hurtles continuously into the mesh. blackmirror fumes. fission reactor. abyss hairs.

don’t play with dead things (you’ll catch something).