Nomo :: 1999

Nomo was released by the CCRU on the occasion of SYZYGY, Beaconsfield Arts, London 1999.Recording reputedly made by the Trinitarian Church of Dagon in Dunwich, Suffolk England, circa 1961-62. Used by kind permission of the Archive of the Binomics Institute.

All other sonic engineering by Katasonics/Kode9 for CCRU.

Text by Professor Barker and Professor Stillwell used by kind permission of Miskatonic Virtual University, the Cthulu Club and the Stilwell Estate. Special Thanks to Professor Barker for use of his archive at MVU.


SURGE 8:1 —- 7:2
Murmerge / Crabbe’s Last Breath / Assault on the Aquapolis [GT 18] / Hell of Mirrors

HOLD 7:2 —- 5:4
Overdoublings / Odd Dub / Dry Run / Panikatak

SINK 5:4 —- 8:1
Accurtzsss / Kataclysm / Tik – N Mu / Vault of Murmurs