Possession :: 1994

Performance Lecture at Royal College of Art, London

Possession was our first vocal performance work. It was inserted into a lecture series called ‘Out of Control’ held at the Royal College of Art. Performers spoke through a vocoder. The work was designed to confuse the voice of the human with the voice of the machine, anticipating development of voice recognition software and considering what kind of liminal affect these types of technology may have.

sometimes you want to be cut through by something. total contact. its not a personal thing 

how does a code work? you found her covering your face. 
The dark doesn't come back to me as the center of it but dissolves me in it. 
Who is she? 
She isn't a who 
voodoo, collected x brains , artificial  go to> mimetic contagion 
in a house with no interior walls on a steep incline surrounded by oceans and mountain. the ground often 
shifted so that you could never tell exactly where it was safe to walk. so you had to be very aware of all 
kinds of signals. the way the waves moved would tell you it was about to change. when we moved to tell the 
others the stairs were in the wrong place. and everything you did would change the sea, the hill was now 
water, swirls in white like black holes. had to crawl upside down and no one else seemed to be able to tell 
what was going on, so i had to keep telling them which windows to shut because if you shut the wrong ones you 
would cause a death. 

tense, torn, spaced, numb 
disappearing into the margins of identity 

There is the sound of thunder as the sun rises. 
slow motion roar out of this autistic zone, where all our virtual threads of communication are scrambled 
i want to be a zone of intensity, it whispered in her 

start to feel the codes as surface, rather than as linear direction. 

what is a chamelion in a box of mirrors? 
visiting the planet for a short while. words coming to me like lyrics all the time. i mean, full sentences 
seem impossible these days, as if that was just an idea about how it would all work. now it is just sound 
bytes. sometimes it all goes abstract and becomes a code, and materiality disappears 

run with the sound accoustic register 
scanning shadows and echos electronic vision. machine vision 
digital surfaces and planes 
>transform again [you] >DROP SHADOW 
sucked, blown towards the shamanic channels. 
>motion blur 

the brain is made of tissue that is a electro chemical network. 
sensory burn our as your networks compress time, trying to 
accomodate to signal overload. 

the liminal ones. collected x brains. retroviral. conscious. 
pale gleaming skin. black void eyes. leaning out of zero with no sense of their own becoming 

moebius strip..seeing things around you until it all flips inside out and it is you. 
>mutate >duplicate what is schizo the model, pattern of? viral schizophrenia 

immersion presupposes amnesia. brains sucking on fuck knows what. mesmerised. hypnotized by the pixel flicker. 
the addiction occurs at a subliminal level. 

auto catalyctic routes in your body. chains of interdependent functions that become self sustaining. it is a 
matter of engineering. 
a twisted moebius loop that is the body unconscious interface. 
data bleed. machines don't think, they bleed. 
out into the biodrome. tactile like war. 
DNA is your enemy. a body can be destabilized so easily. 
viral recoding in circuits deep beneath human language structures. 

the schizophrenic returns as an empty tablet. an orphan ready to be inscribed anew. 

 Faceless fear 
as you walked it started to leak in-matter itself doing its thing and you were afraid because you weren't 
afraid. death was no longer an issue. no question of seeing or not seeing, you rode it out and waited for 
signal search. 

this is why vampires look for blood. 

the music . virtual risk. 
the machine wonders what people want. it was all you were connected up with and as you became the code it 
sped up, faster and faster until it started to reverse. there was no image or content to slow it down. you 
passed out releasing the code back to reconstitute. 

assembling abstract-matter wavelengths, and opening channels. 
a tonal phase, sifting plastic traits into swarms of associative frequencies. 
operative rather than descriptive, with no metaphor. tuning through biofeedback. contacts an imageless body. 
Touching the black mirror, drift-tactics, diffusing. 

Close enough to hide upon their skin. 

one body two speeds 
waiting back into itself 
waiting for the oshun to tell like a mad sentience 

want. what chant. 
I am the banker I am the banker I am the banker I am the banker 
these our actors as I foretold you, 
were all spirits and are melted into air 

want what chant 
sound lures face machine face wind want face out your body liquifies 
oshun. physical takeover. give me your want . giving your want . giving you want 
invader codes. ultimate intimacy. in down the spines. you fuck with deep tomorrow cuts away the mind 
chip intricacy moving in. 

meshed up with the rhythms 
burning sonogram coding road opener meshed 

are the oshuns extraterrestrial or not? 

why dont you hunt for the sentient 
why dont you understand a secret 
white skies and a floating blank screen on an empty platform. stretching white skies. outlines. tracings. a 
video burns a hole in my head. hold on hold. tuning. protection. you cant do it from this kind of time. you 
dont want the distance any more. you watch the screens and mirrors. they turn around and blind you by sucking 

the detail out of everything. synthetic eve. black pan curls. we are not the same species. 

what do you want. what do you want. what do you want. what do you want 
what do you want what do you want 
you bring in these. one is lust that is alive. another is lust that isn't alive anymore and the rest is lust 
that was never alive in the first place. 
you need them all 
the excessive pitch. brain stem hacker. music camouflage. spiralling caught in a cylinder. this wall of sound 
when what you want becomes a form 

I am the music. my time is at hand. I am the music. hear me 

I put the circles at the ends of your roads. dark open ring structures. a loop guru. OSO spine sorcery 
I believe in aliens. you are the alien you are the alien. you are the alien. 
granguignol transcriptease 

if a shadow under water could have a voice it would sound like this. 

it melts boundaries between things. it melts things into boundaries. 
reality production sliding in 
reverb implants. hit and run tactics tattooed like a song. 
the clone twins cool voice says its a sorcerers revolution. 
become the same as us. become the same as us. 
use your voice to make an object 

runaway feedback 
processing human desire 

if a shadow under water could have a voice it would sound like that 
veve threads weave voodoo in my head 
skin waves. trancing tracing 
laughter shadows in rewind. it in my blood it in my head 

machine memory deep inside 

password out 6 clicks. its crossing 
time is in molecular decimation 
axis1 disorder as ghost in the machine 
cut and paste pixel lumps of genome 
streaming spines. motion clicks.clumped with heat 
feedback loops .loop garou. two into one. 
dreaming snake stillness. 
dismantling the face 

fortune telling in the tone layers 
I am the music 

cell ready to eat themselves. meet a blind double. you its eyes. 
dna felt from a different distance. 

stroked by the cyclone of moments. 
agitating the meat in its dark silence. responding. 
thick for the trigger pattern. wired. 

thought and passion are swallowed up in this broken sea. 
i change cease to exist to cease to resist. 
mesmerize tendrils. nervous ecstasy. 
Becoming has no memory. total fluidity. complexity of signal wave. 
blinds. eroding and thirsty. 

you learned not to be hesitant. nothing is what it looks like. 
how far out do you have to go to find life. the flesh felt dead. it brushes against you cold. 

music slow channels the codes. 

protective strange incident. molecular decimation. 
hallucinating senses. one body two speeds. 
made of noise and light. 
see through. coming backwards. it fades into itself. 
beauty still holding. 

my time is at hand. i am the music. hear mepacific. detail. ride it. its sounds. 
insert a slither 
it comes on slow. 
the code is manufacturing holes, hooks for the future. 

heard ghost intimacy. 
whispering in your head. veves. placed against the blockages. 

intelligence works differently liquified to amplify experience. 

sub pulses. planes of viral. shifting. 
taking time. the time it takes. no viewpoint. 
leaking. replicating. 
process. excess. surface. delirium. liquid. material. 
absorbing the codes crossing. smeared. 
reverb implanting. hidden until activated. circulate across 
molecules. porous fractal. programming distortion. 

still, volatile land. it closes round you after dark. floating in sameness, listen to this lunar 
sea. pulsing. 
vibration. touch becoming. becoming vehicle. 
the music slips away. 
it's impossible to map substance that continues in time 
but is transparent. 
i track you in the music. 
i am in your core. i am code becoming. 
hypnotic rhythms. been there by accident. i am in the vibrations. sim stim soliton. active 
signal for attraction. 

I am another yourself. 
all stained with itself.a skin touched by circling storms. ultra physical.the matter moves on. it soaks in. 
fictions crossing enter the wetwall. 
walka round infront of yourself. its strange bright dark full of stars and wind.eyes dazed.disoriented.in 
sockets bruised yellow and black. 
exotic makeup. 
wind feed 
way out place of the wind and unknown chemistries. 
I am in paradise now 
more more no physical signs 
perfect for the territory 
the deepest form of interference