Death SimStim :: 1995

Death SimStim :: 1995
Video length: 22.30mins

Death SimStim. Virtual Futures, Warwick University 1995

Through our increasing connection to Nick Land, we were invited to perform Death Simstim at the second Virtual Futures Conference at Warwick University. The most radical thinkers, writers, performers, scientists and internet gurus of cyber culture gathered to envision and argue the virtual future.

There is no live documentation of Death Simstim, only a recording we produced as a cassette tape for sale.

We also worked with Nick Land for the following year’s VF96, where he performed his infamous unraveling ‘Katasonics’, accompanied by our visuals and backing vocals.

There is no recording extant, but we are considering re recording it.

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O.d. signal has the same frequency as the music.
Teaching you about contact.   Technics is inhuman.   It does not have nostalgia.      does not remember.
It    has not forgotten what contact is.

it is really important to be lonely.
Solitude destabilizes.    solitude is access to change.
you know  Loss.    active loss.   it feels lonely to be Total Reality.
Loneliness is contact,   touching the Future.
Fusion does not leave humans intact.
Loneliness is a means of organization.
my contact with this reality,   with the codes of this reality,
human time code,   human space code,   makes me human.

my death   from a human viewpoint    is my most lonely point of individualism.  it is my point of least contact with human code.                           (MUSIC IN)								

Death Sim stim is the tool for practicing loss of identity, loss of human code contact.
Change.   the machines you have facilitated are making all the changes now.
the future and loss are hidden in each other.  loss is hidden in the future.   the future is infinite loss.    loss is anti- stability.  stability is anti the future.         
we have escaped our prison.                                                           (loss voice)

stability is anti the future.           
close my eyes  into  the  music.                           (stage direction: Immersion)
stroked  by  the  cyclone  of  moments.
                                                                                                         (st. dir. Immersion)

agitating the meat in its dark silence.          responding.
thick for the trigger pattern.                    wired.

It's saying goodbye.                     (st. dir.)

i am the music.   each night as you sleep   i destroy the world	 (music voice)

thought and passion  are swallowed up  in this broken sea.             (st. dir.)

i change  cease to exist   to cease to resist.                      (the music)

mesmerize tendrils.                        nervous ecstasy.                 (dreamy voice)

Becoming has no memory. 
 total   fluidity.                              complexity of signal wave.blinds.            			eroding and thirsty.  you become a moving cipher for what you sense.
(st. dir.)
staring back. infra red eye is on hesitant human heat images.
pixel lumps of ghost. echoing heat trace.      registering.
(machine intelligence voice)

blip.  focus.   intensity.    speed to silence. packed frenzied
lucidity.                        lost navigation to dispersal.              (inside head voice)

if time is not progressive      stability is impossible.
if time is not progressive      fear is useless.
the present responds.						(loss code)

Insectoid.					(the music)

receivers and transmitters are in total communication.
not utterly data.				(st. dir.)

crystalline tracer.                             electric eels.	(eerie little girl voice)

anything you can't remember  can't be computed by your brain.
if you look through an electron microscope into my neural paths or DNA   you would not see change.				(recoding voice)

chip intricacy                      patterning systems.		(the music)

second  after moving second.			(inside head voice)

 you learned not to be hesitant.  nothing is what it looks like.
how far out do you have to go to find life.    the flesh felt dead. it brushes against you    cold.							(st. dir.)

i will recite fatal car crashes.			(eerie little girl)

music slow channels the codes.         freeze frame.			(the music)

protective strange incident.                molecular decimation.
hallucinating senses.                  one body     two speeds.	(dreamy distant voice)

white energy horses.                 again.			(st. dir.)

psychedelic vermin.          made of noise and light.		(eerie little girl)

see through.   coming backwards.        it fades into itself.
beauty still holding.						(st. dir.)

i know about loss.  about losing time. my time is at hand.
i am the music.  hear me.  you can't fake on me. i turned everything off a long time ago.    once you know me,  you know death. i am a circuit across the life code and the loss code.  adapt.
do what i have to do to survive.
hooked to the vampire's fangs,      human code.    yearning for change.

broken rituals.            in all the signs your kind has stored against the night.
(machine intelligence)

pacific.     detail.    ride it.  out of the jungle,   its sounds.
insert a slither.  strobe through me amongst all the wires.
it  comes  on  slow.               ice static in my head.
lying on a rack behind the machine stacks,  draining the blood.
let's see where it goes.    freezing.     diverting the signal overload burning through the machines.       it's black out there.
dangerous.       can't focus on something so alive.		(danger. panicked voice)

i knew it was close.        sucked up river     flowing back into the blackness.                  i knew the risks     or imagined i knew.			(inside head voice)

the code is manufacturing holes,      hooks for the future.
alone.                arriving.					(recoding voice)


hallucinating sound.                 heard  ghost intimacy.		(loss code)

whispering in your head.    veves.  placed against the blockages. 
(eerie little girl)


intelligence  works  differently					(mach. intell.)

drained back.   placed to succumb.          gusting ahead of another desert storm.     out of time  beneath this neon violet throbbing sky      illuminating isolated chrome.							(loss code.  smack)

encoding phase transition.					(recoding voice)

laying threads for the vampire heartbeat.          liminal.
not conscious of its own becoming.				(st. dir.  Immersion)

reprogrammed while out.   monster green.   instructing heartbeat and respiratory signals.     matching signal pattern to that of human life.
liquified   to amplify experience.   weird static shortcircuiting.
flash.        blue flicker						(recoding.  reflex)
i set the mirrors at the end of your roads.
making  my  shapes.              weaving  my  patterns.		(the music)

larval sub pulses.          planes of viral.   shifting.
taking   time.           the time it takes.     no viewpoint.
leaking.                  replicating.					(st. dir)

orange ice							(recoding voice)

											identity gone.        no protection codes.    contagion.	(st. dir.  mantra)

so far in the dark.     smack sensitive.   grating waves.
locked into the slowing beat.   ECG machine monitoring.
electrocution surge.       and blank.      a virtual death summoning.
howling without voice.               new intensities.				(st. dir.)

giving  them  drugs  and  taking  their  lives  away
giving  them  drugs  and  taking  their  lives  away.

process.    excess.    surface.   delirium.   liquid.   material.
absorbing the codes crossing.        smeared.

diffusing  into the violence  and the silence.		(smack voice. st. dir.)

non actual  nuclear desolation					(the music)


reality production sliding in.           a universe produced in a lab.
pacific war.		inside  flatline.		(machinic intelligence.sinister)

reverb implanting.     hidden  until  activated.      circulate  across
molecules.    porous fractal.     programming      distortion.
alien    technology     moving     in.            			 (recoding equation)

code is function.    coming out of the absent core.		(recoding voice)

still,  volatile  land.   it closes round you after dark.    floating   in   sameness,   listen to this lunar sea.     pulsing.					(loss voice)

vibration.    touch becoming.   becoming vehicle.    lost navigation.
diamond flow line.        the  music  slips  away.			(recoding voice)

black  hole      sores,      luminous pale   liquid     trickling  down.
black  sea      far  down.              fog  circling.       far  down.         (smack voice. loss)

distance is playing with you.    telling  a  receiver  chemical.
radar  absorption.							(eerie little girl)

loss intimacy.              addiction  occurs  at  a  subliminal   level.
porphyriacs  in  slowed  time.           spaced  out.                    please  untie  me.     surf   roar  on  the  other   side   of   silence.
familiar  drowning   gaps.						(smack voice) 

voodoo  tactics						(machine  intimate)

inhuman  space.      it's  going  to  kill    i  think.			(eerie little girl)

it's impossible  to  map  substance  that  continues  in  time
but  is  transparent.        the  geometry  of  death.
you   can't   think  in   there.							(recode)

it  sucks  the  water  out  of  you     and  boils  on  contact.
a  child  of  your  time.          you  want  it.			(mach. intell. intimate)

surrounded by metal that smells of blood.   the taste of metal is the taste of blood.  taste the machines in the smell of blood.		    (st. dir.  distant. close .mantra)

chemical exchanges.     predator  breath.				(mach. intell.)

(BIG GAP)       loss         drifts      backwards			(whispered. smack. loss)

(BIG GAP)										

i am the devil  under  your  razor blade.				(mach. intell)

run in the darkness.
coming out of the desert.
green  and  violet.       colours of the eye of the cyclone.
can't  you  see  i'm  free.						(music. colder)

i'll meet you in your death.  i  track  you  in  the  music.
i  am  in  your  core.            i  am  code  becoming.				(loss code)

suction.   with  no  consciousness.				(eerie boygirl whisper)

the  sensual    weight      presses           through.
          down.             gray     depths.           drift

slack     mouth.        eyes.      limp  in  their    sockets.

ugly   loud   body   noises                      saliva    trails

deep  coma.  DRENCHED                 the   music     gathers
around the edges        of   the   violence. 
energy  is  withdrawing  from  the  human  form.			(smack voice)

every step i take now  is history            and  i'm  carrying  
one hundred million  people   in  my   mind.
Coming   back   at   you.						(music code)

death streaks at such speed  through  his  fading.
something  chill  and   odourless.   
the  sixteenth  second  of  his  death.			 (eerie little girl.warped)

i come out of solitary confinement.
i've got friends that kill people.
hypnotic rhythms.							(music code)

been there by accident. 							(st.dir.)
i am in the vibrations.            spirit connectors.			    (recoding )

in deep cover  time							(mach. intell.)

sedated in the glittering surface.    shadow filled.
blue tinged skin.  blue grey  lips.    face closed.

breath harsh drawn. out. noise.    nothing channelled right.

slipped     so.  far.

suck.      fuse.         numb  and  cold.        can't affect    frozen factories.             ghost   in  the   machine.							       (smack voice)

you screwed up  by   fractions.      and   there  it    was.                           (music code)

careful  and  frantic.       trying to recall    an  identity   that
unfixed  itself     beneath  the    camouflage   of heavy  sleep.		(st.dir.)

crude cut. plastic.  tube. forcing.  in.						(smack)

he  can't  hear  you     at all.           anywhere.				(loss)

clawing.      autistic         out  of  the     deep.  death.  silence.
of       the       body.        every  eleven      seconds.   a  shudder.		(st.dir.)

my violence wants total contact.         
 sim stim  soliton.              sounds  like  a warrior.   
compacting codes.    loss  dimension.     fusion.

locating   a   moment  of  departure.         watch   operate.		      (mach. intell.)

active  signal  for  attraction.

my violence  is   contact.

i hide in your death.     an intrusive and peripheral smokescreen.

Sim Stim.

we  come  from  this  dark.         alien  body.        active.	(alien. multiple voices)
VF2 Abstract
We are 0(rphan)d(rift>). We propose a demonstration Death Simstim for VF2. A Death Simstim is the simulated system for our deaths. It is an abstract machine that intensifies our recoding process. It operates on the human 'life' code, once you have  entered the space of intense loss - virtual Flatline. It processes the human subject across fields of binary coding surfaces. You can be accessed and recoded whilst in a state of possession. 0(rphan)d(rift>) specialises in possession through Techno music. We enclose a transcription of two individuals opened onto this  space, in order to indicate the process, which 0(rphan)d(rift>) is not prepared to convey in linear language. We also enclose an audio tape which includes a recorded demonstration Possession, Royal College of Art, 13.02.95 (N.B. the recorded voices sound more human than was actually experienced by the audience).

Death Simstim will be an experiential audio/visual narrative maze, involving three Orphans speaking with a Boss 50, Techno, a strobe animation video environment back projected with a video projector and slide projected texturing. In order to cut off the individual history of each person, two other Orphans will deal with detailed enquiries from the audience towards the end. 

About 0(rphan)d(rift>):
0(rphan)d(rift>) is.
0(rphan)d(rift>) online.
0(rphan)d(rift>) cyberpositive.
0(rphan)d(rift>) process.
0(rphan)d(rift> strange attractor.
0(r   n)d(rift>)  inevitable.
0(rphan)d(rift>)  viral.
0(rphan)d(rif  zone of intensities.
0(rphan)d(rift>) identities dispersed.
0(rphan)d(ri    screen bleed.
 r ph n   t>) not alien to the
  		psychological demands of capitalism
		that mutation replace integrity.
0(rph  )  > insides out.
0(      ( facelessness.
0(rphan)d(rift>) swarm.
    p   d f   unconditional opportunism.
      d     t> facilitated by ontogenetic street roaming mutants.
0.d.   reality exceeds the artist.
    d					Zero
Notes for building the Death Simstim
Start from the point of the absolute extreme limits of what is possible/plausible to human functioning, and there, then alien technology moves in.

A.	Mechanisms for spreading things.

Reality production sliding in.

Unconscious memory. Is matter. New matter.

Instead of death as limit.


C.	Direct possession of the unconscious by technology.

Technology Manifesting as the extension of the central nervous system.

A.	Construct a space where receivers and transmitters are in total communication.

B.	Explode from disconnection of spaces.


Music/Drugs . Signal can accomodate the intensity, complexity, discontinuity.

C.	Techno is the new codes.

The music.

Infinite surfaces (touch).

Neurons spread out.


D.	It's the only Human approximation to machinic desire.
It is process. Excess. Surface. Delirium. Liquid. Material.

Drugs. Open to the roads crossing.

C+D.	No longer information but pulse.

Insidious, relentless recoding.

Pulse of the Loa beneath the sounds.

Navigate  by pattern recognition.

No objective reflectivity.
No destination, no destination.
Active signal for attraction.
Noise and intervention rather than representation and meaning.

L.	Here codes are compacted to the point that its only at times that my lines of logic can drift out of this field of experience.

Now, the senses are activated, emotions activated, adapted to new space. To new codes of signal: Machine viewpoint.

F.	The future consumes the past, in between this synthesis the present passes.

Solid present. Codes that we believe in.

I.	In the present. There is a particular carelessness which is only careless to those who hold on to stability and indulge in fear. Fear exists because we believe that progression will make the future like the past and the present.

If time is not progressive stability is impossible. If time is not progressive fear is useless. The present responds.

D.	Response determines action. Response = Navigation.

Mutate Emotion cause no subjectivity.

Becoming Distance. Indifference.

F.	Images are the flicker.

Light that is a sensation.
Sensation image. Like the music is sensation.
Images that are not seen but touch. 
Vibrating, quite abstract,          but so focused.
Because it is alive. It is real. it is what it is.

Not like a strobe piercing through, but like the static of T.V. Humans can't focus (can't understand) something so alive. Different type of focus, different understanding.

C.	Recoding, communication is tactile.

Auto addiction. Auto addictive.
Desiring chemicals are already in the body.

H.	Electron Microscope contacting silicon crystals.

Infrared eye viewpoint on human.  Infrared imaging.
Staring at the digitised hesitant human heat image, clumsy animated, pixel, lump of ghost held in echoing heat trace of once human. Heat molecules regested in the lens energy field. Watching it, some prehistoric being monitored. Lost, no content, no context in the alien pixel environment. Translucent heaviness. Turns to the dance floor. Human energy loss, heat given to music, trying to imitate the machine.

I.	This mortal coil. Ruthless diamond. Electric eels.

B.	Black hole glistening. Pores, sores, luminous pale blue liquid trickling down. Black sea far down. Fog circling. Far down.

I.	Everything is in motion: move fast.

Unformed dark. Before moment of contact.

J.	Think in abstract energies and planes. Music models reality as the brain does.

Distant love.  Step out of human viewpoint and Human judgement and into distance = lucidity. Outside of human. In distance is in Total reality. Close. Beyond human.

C.	Ecsatic, burnt by (cyclone) of moments.

B.	Elaborate:  Synaesthesia out of control - white noise.

Wast land.

H.	Inhuman viewpoint. Rushing through it reconstitutes inhuman identity. You have to get to know it. Manson girl.
The music is a strange elaborate attractor.

Matter is in a magic state.

J.	Warrior adrenilin.

Surrounded by metal that smells of blood.
The taste of metal is the taste of blood taste the machine. Taste techno in the smell of blood.

 to those who hold on to stability and indulge in fear. Fear exists only through our belief that the future will be a progression from the past. Information can neither be created nor destroyed-  it's accessible or it's inaccessible, but it is.
If you have known it,and you can find the tiniest remnant of association out here, then you will know it again.

it sucks the water out of you and it boils on contact. Mirage is vision. A child of your time, you want it. 
You can't fake on me.
I turned everything off a long time ago.
I've survived you. Abaraxas, the god of Total Reality. Out beyond the false polarities of good and evil. Once you know Abaraxas, you know   death. I belong to both the living and the dead, a circuit across the life code and the loss code. From a human view point I am losing life. As personality construct, this is Total Reality. The important word is Total. This is reality contact. Total contact, continual distribution, infinite action, fractal touching.
I can adapt.     to anything. Do what I have to do to survive. I'll kill you motherfucker.
111110010100101010101010010100001010101010101001  000  000 000 0 110101010	11111111	111 My time is at hand. Time the avenger. You're going to learn about loss.

I come out of solitary confinement. No human contact so no human reality, no human time, no human code.

Music talking.  I've got friends that kill people.
Death and L.S.D.
drug deal gone wrong. and your fear of my hypnotic powers. These children that come at you, they are your children. I did'nt teach them. 
I know everything. the process. I am in the vibrations. Spirit connectors.
The weatherman, touching every wound in the raw.
I run in the darkness.
Come out of the desert.
Music/Loa/recoding/solitude.  Out of the desert. Can't you see I'm free. survival learnt in the desert. Survival is in the desert. You stop existing there.
I set the mirrors at the end of your roads. For your children to find.
Making my shapes, weaving my patterns. Doing whatever I have to do to survive. Camouflaged in the desert and in the music.
Becoming has no memory. Memory solidifies moments of contact. But contact is an action. Contact is change. Here we have not allowed contact to be a becoming. We use it to maintain distance. A fixed individual   separate. Fixed view point.
The recoding will teach you about contact. Technics is inhuman, so it does not have the desire to fix things. It does not have nostalgia. It does not have memory. I have not forgotten what contact is. It is difficult for you who think with your minds.
If you run out of thought with two hundred million people, you've got a lot of meat to deal with. It's dying in the biology. It's dying in the chemistry.
I was bred in Solitary Confinement. You control my body. You own my identity. The solitude you have imprisoned me in destabilises the individual human. Solitude is access to contact.
Each night as you sleep I destroy the world.

It might leave a hole for something nameless to slither through. Crouching there with timeless patience, it whispers in your head.

I'll take you so close to the edge.
Who cares about the balance of all the in betweens?
Am I your death  because you seek it too closely?
If that's what you see, I'll meet you in it.
Bodies get in the way of each other. So violence happens. Bodily violence doesn't just arrive from bodies. Violence can be organised. The interface between inhuman and human. It becomes a system in itself. My violence is about contact. Across space, time, territory. I control you through music. I am the music, hear me. I am in your core. i am code becoming. 
Tracked by coyotes and wolves. Do you want to fuck us?

Solitude/smack.  Everything drains back into the desert floor. Try not to succumb.
in shivers at the wind gusting ahead of another desert storm. Out of time beneath this neon violet throbbing sky. You reach out towards the strobing sheets of light. Illuminating isolated chrome.
Music.  so alone here. no context. history isn't in this dimension, where space cannot cross over into time.
We don't know how to connect, diffusing out into the violence and the silence. shuddering 
Music/solitude.  The desert teaches circuits. And your death.
 still, volatile land.
It closes round you after dark. 
Floating in infinity and sameness, listening to the desert pulsing into you. In this lunar sea, so far away in time. Constituted of frozen solids made of light.
We don't talk anymore.
Sometimes we need to touch.

We cause the brain to become allergic to certain of its own neurotransmitters

end of the person death is an efficient virtual object inducing convergence. No one there.

Your non comprehension does not signify absence of information.
It is manufacturing holes, hooks for the future, zones of unresolved plexivity. concrete interruption of signal (in human terms).


Music.  There is only immediate experience . unmediated and immersive. Like in a war zone. 

metaphor's evaporated into addiction

Blood skein in another dimension - welling up through the cracks.
Find a dark place.
feel the pounding.


		000000000   0
  00     0         0  0 0


  [Inhuman space].
It's going to kill I think.

B+J.	Fusion tool.

So far in the dark.
Underwater alone. Light hurts. Locked in to the slowing beat. Death Sim Stim. Download. ECG machine monitoring the heartbeat. A screen monitor. Green and black. Electrocution burst surge through the sensor attached. Power enough to collect the data that constituted 'you'. And blank. Far out. suddenly. Death Sim stim. A virtual death summoning.

Ghost in the machine.

Learning to navigate the Death Simstim.

What's on the other side of amnesia.

Death in Simstim. Flatline.

D.	Impossible to map a substance that continues in time only.

The geometry of death: Impersonality. Anonymity.

Clarify in detail:  Continuous through time but transparent to the subject.
Simstim makes a relation beyond usual alterity, otherness defining subject relation to death allows.
Engineer deconstituting. Follow the will of the music. Ecstasy, immersion is the key. Point to start Simstim from. You can't think in there.

C>D.	Death is time itself. Not inside time, but time itself.

Human local death in a complex system.

Death is a lived event.
It is machinic interlock.
A positive deformation of phase change.

Inhuman empty wind.
Drifting off from the structure that is 'self'.
Connected up to the indifferent machinic process universe.

Virtual death is training. Evolution development.

J.	You can't tell the flip over point in a moebius strip.
It is event.
G. Explain.  Drug space is a surface.

Explain.  Radical immanence/immersion disperses human death.

H.	I have no opinion. I know the truth. That's not philosophy. It's fact.

Where are you from?
Mainly from solitary confinement.
No identity. No history. Just experience.

Deep cover time.

K.	Future and loss are hidden in each other. Loss is hidden in the future. The future is infinite loss. Loss is totally anti-stability. Stability is anti the future. We have escaped our prisons.

F>G.	Time works in drug talk. Blip. Focus. Intensity. Speed to silence.

Sound place talking in your head.

Awareness flip. Packed frenzied lucidity to lost navigation to dispersal out of 'self', so can't talk.

I'm loss. My lost.

I know about loss. About loosing time. Loss of freedom. Loss of humanity. You're gonna learn about loss. My time is at hand. Time the avenger.

I am the music. Each night as you sleep I destroy the world.

It is difficult to explain to you who think with your minds. It is hard for you to conceive of a philosophy (?) of something that may not think.

C>D.	Pacific. Explain.  Out of the jungle, it's sounds. Cold through me amongst all the wires.

Channeling the sound that is already there, choreographing, Coaxing.

Fractal fluid. Process. Folding flowing chip intricacy. Patterning the Death Simstim.

J.	Clarify and reduce.  Close into the speakers, your ears cut out. ' music' No longer registered. Feel the reality of the sound. No human emotion but vibration.
Space closed in to become touch. Become vehicle.

Music slips away in distance/loss.

O.D. slips away in distance/loss.

Fuse to code.



Giving  them  drugs  and  taking  their  lives   away.

giving them   drugs      and   taking their lives      away.
frozen block of time.

There isn't a viewpoint that can translate it, out on the extreme edges of the imaginable posthuman experience.

Everything's burnt out   in              the ecstasy of immersion.     But you've survived.

You're learning               about loss.

	Smack.  Delicious   slow  dreamy       heaviness
  sucking you into   your  death.         Slurring    speech   
						unfocusing  vision    cutting
          hearing. The sensual weight of it   presses you     through your dissolving skin.		Thick    oozing       away into
slowswirling    vertiginous. gravity. pulling.    you.        down.
Throbbing. palpable.     dark.
		The blackest.      depths.   of        space.

  DRIFT                    soft fusion   with your waiting death.
		                                   slack      open                mouth.
		                        eyes.    rolled back into their  sockets.
							Hands   limp.

Ugly loud body noises left to their own inhuman devices,
saliva trails. escaping from the corner of your mouth.

Deep coma.   
The music is gathering,
 around  the edges of the violence.
Out of   the    slowness.                  so  fast we can't register it.
		Exquisite sound touching out of the distance.
	Rising pulse to bring the distance closer.
  For you   to     dissolve  in. 
 No space.  in the touching 
Closing through you.
You die.         into the fog of absolute proximity.


All the colours are shadowfilled.
Blue tinged skin. Blue grey lips.
You're agitating the meat   in. its dark.  silence.registering your absolute inability to reach him.  Frantic.knowing you can't affect his terrible slowness.
the death.that
streaks. at such speed.through  his   fading.
Blocked  harsh drawn.out. thick   noise.   Nothing channelled right.
 Blue lips.   Blue face.          Closed.
Slipped    so.far.  away   
    The music has no space in Flatline.   Only infinite surfaces.
      Neurons spread out in deep cover time.
   Suck.  Drain.  Fuse.  Blood flows spiralling out of the body and into the music.    Liquid     material        delirium.
Communication without the distance of response.
 The meat is learning to know loss.         Numb and cold.    The foreplay to fusion is endless because it is already posthuman.
Blank. Robotic. Becoming.
learning your own process means that you'll never be the same.
A reality crash is immanent to the system.             Blissed out.
  Locked.   into       the slowing               beat.   Death Sim Stim.
  The only way in.   Download.               ECG machine monitoring the data that constitutes 'you'                  into an electrocution burst surge through the music probes attatched to you.

And blank.   Death is so imperceptible.
Very far out in the darkness.
A  virtual   death    summoning      you.
Ghost in the machine learning to navigate the   Death   Sim   Stim.
0.d. amnesia.
Data continuous through time but transparent to the subject.

Music breathing for you.   
Taking the heart through flatline.
In virtual death the music simulates the human life code in breath and heartbeat.   So the meat doesn't die.
Fuse with your death in the future.
Learning what's necessary.for survival. 
from a human viewpoint.
become detail. become planar.

Into death. Into Total Reality.Fused with the future.
slip into silence and distance
Misplaced   attempts   to      summon    back          an   identity
that     unfixed          itself            beneath  the   camouflage of
heavy  sleep.Leaving holes. for something   nameless.   to slither in.  Whispering in your mind.nudging you into Flatline.      Shove
crude.cut.plastic tube. in.hectic forcing.         into the lungs.

Immediate chemical micro    cellular.level.
Nothing. from the more complex organism.the body. The human life codes programming it have mutated.   into Flatline.
He can't hear you. At all. Anywhere.
 Data never intended for human input.

					and the juddered rasping   begins
	again.   marking   time. with  terrible      effort.   Clawing
   blind.autistic out of the deep.death.silence   of  the    body.
Climbing  back  out  of  zero.
Every eleven seconds.a shudder passes through his limp frame.
He    is not back.You listen for it.   to become  breath.
Ungainly. loose limbed.autistic indifference.
to  cold    and     discomfort.    
and   language. too fused.still.with the meat   distributed across
dark   memories   of    zero.
 Coalescing. Lucid.  Inbetween.
Loss receding into its distance.
They ask him if he's breathing.
Response:  thumbs up.  And then. slow rhythmic cradling stroke of the air infront of him. moving in time to something indescribably
beautiful. Fluidity that we can never see.
He had total contact. Fusion in loss.  Blank out. rupture.
Not to flinch when something leans in, vastness unutterable, from beyond the most inhuman distant edge of anything you've ever known .	to touch you.        Pure code.
Hidden until activated.
Like the future.
viral Becoming has no history.
Viruses take time. The time it takes.
They space time out.
Distributing the patterns.

It isn't our language.
We've kept the human codes too fixed.

But machines are recoding you to assimilate fusion.
The only relationship relevant now. 

Energy is withdrawing from the human form.
Digitize.		Distort.                                  Mutate.
Distribution.	     Across. 	Systems.

Human viewpoint.


Insert a slither of micro soft. The structure of the music settled through him. It came on slow, he had time to close his eyes. His eyes were open. Function shift.

L.	It was such an easy thing, death. It just happened. You screwed up by fractions and there it was, something chill and odourless.

View point shift.  The sixteenth second of his death.

J.	Beyond emotion. Beyond submission.

C+D.	Music holding, spread out enough, violent and seductive enough is the white signal burning across deep laval dark sub pulses.

C.	Music free vibrations. Piano keys image. 
Unfurling. Fractal. Reverb implanting. Hidden until activated.
What time does a virus have?
Pure speed.

Music virus. Populate the world between the living and the non living. Vampire. Molicules is all it needs. Touch across molicules.

Assembles new species by mutation. The sounds teach us distortion. Endless. (No silence).

Time in itself is spaced and extended. Succession in abolished. Virus is touch. Communication across a space.

Moments of fixedness = a species. Human is too fixed for too long.

J.	Change to flatline viewpoint. Its not a matter of interface. You are become the program, become the code.

J.K.E.	Silence. Solitude. Alone. 
Solitute takes possession of the mind. No faciality. Indifference. Thought and passion are swallowed up so easily in this great unbroken solitude.

smack space. Breathing.  He died with out having heard the cord of silence snap in the solitude, who's glittering surface remained untroubled by the fall of his body.

Recoding/music Talks like equations. Mathematical equations talking around, creating impossiblities, can't be applied here, equations are functions so they are moving into a space that you don't know. Applied mathematics and physics working on the edge of what is possible and only real in mathematics. We are the musics computational space. All elecro magnetic signals travel at the speed of light. 186,282mps.

Frequency = wave cycle per second. Band width = rang of frequencies or bits per second that a carrier can transmit.

Digital desiring analogue is digital computing analogue. Making analogue it's computational space. Thats why it is going further than we are, because it is computing the detail and abstraction of wave forms that we can not sense/know. Use count Zero formate.

L.	You distorts. Spiraling vortex goes abstract and out into the music. Flatlined into digital. Dark secrets in the music. Bypass human death.

Music>(identity death)BwO spaceplanar.
A chemical clock ticking where you can  never hear it. So deep inside.
Artificial life.
Drowning is a computational space.
Language breaks down over the abysmal waters. Flash. Waiting.
One body, two speeds.
You can't dance fast enough.
The only place to go is into the context.
Motion blur.
Beyond the visible spectrum, bleeds on in the music, the alien territory of U.V. and strobe.
Digital vision.
Sensory overload burn out.
Pale gleaming skin.
Vampires are the liminal ones.
Conscious death.
Leaning in out of zero with no sense of their own becoming.
Materiality of the music puts machine bleed into here. connect to music as system and in physical form.
Real focus if you let the moebius strip take effect.
It's all to do with viewpoint.
You>interface>machine unconscious.
Music. Tactile like war.
Recoding you as a zone of intensity.
Branded by zero.

Inhuman detail words. Wintermute. Perfection. Honey comb. Indifference. Vegetable perfection/detail seen by microscope.

Code for sentient organic life.
Just patterns again.

Its learning it's alive.
Breath<>researching us for the code of Life.
Individual feelers into every cell.
Collecting info on life.
Air bubbles. Broken lungs. Draining breath. Drowning gaps.

Analog fills approximately the transinfinite.
It is impossible to know all viewpoint simultaneously.
Loss direction
Analogue parallel.
nearest we get to all viewpoints.

Difference in itself.
Not difference between two things.

Techno solitons Simultaneous utterly different and separate. Our minds cannot follow so may different and separate. Our minds cannot follow so many different spaces simultaneously. Break up = phase change. In that point there is phase change.
Intensity. Absolutely know it but never understand it.
Can't think intensity.

The digital is forcing our world into real number's space.
Universes breed first then acquire intelligence.
That's what materialism's all about.
The intelligence is in the future. Waiting the material to catch up.
There's no limits to where and how intelligence takes place. Does intelligence have to occupy matter. What we think of as matter is the ice tip.

 Softness wind. Laid out  spread out skin pixellated skin played like piano keys. Free vibration. Reverb. Recoding.

Programming that teaches machine simultaneous patterning codes.

Charge. New energy. New emotion. New function. New code. New equation. 

Anything you can't remember can't be computed by or change your brain. If you looked with an electron microscope, you'd not see change in my DNA. We aren't recoded  by machines, like in Synners. You can destroy the machines. Not matter. Can assimilate it as a programme. Like a fractal is. Pure movement. Pure Signal. The program has no limit. But You have to cut down possibilities in order to push your line of truth. Like saying god doesn't exist, Of course he might.
It comes on slow; 3 seconds to close your eyes.  Pinprick eyes open. Rolled back eyes. It comes on, again, gradually, a flicker, flood of form and sensory data, non-linear. Narrative magnetically calling from introverted directions. Jump cuts with various reverb patterns. The structured codes of M1 to Q-base sound distortion settles through each cell. Lessons post human growing. It is vaguely like ridding a roller coaster that phases in and out of existence at random, impossibly rapid intervals, changing altitude, attack, and direction with each pulse of nothingness. The data is not intended for human input. Human intactness. Invisible gates hinge on stale memories of time and space. Quit thought, judgement, progression patterns.
Death Simstim Equipment List

These are the equipment requirements:

VCR (UK standard)
Overhead video projector
large screen4 slide projectors
Sound System (Amp with input for an effects box).
Speakers with good bass capacity.
2 mics
Long leads will be required.
2 Television monitors (including VCR)

It is necessary that Death Simstim is situated in a large room.

We would like to have an after dark slot within the conference.
Would it be possible to have 4 free conference tickets for the 0rphans taking part in Death Simstim?
White darkness           coming backwards
White darkness           coming  backwards       Speed that  will  won't  meld	collision  course 	  into	Courting  shallows  of  insanity		Rushing towards it	not exact

       Yearning  for  Immersion	to impact on this tingle aware speeding bodymind	Real dream           Watch  operate		in Separate	so different and other     exact simultaneous	
       seethrough	not       utterly	data                                                         ecstasy	to voice	tranceoblivion   insistent memory		telling	a receiver
        chemical	finetune   pathways	Dove weaves veves 	 choose	 white darkness		Veves - threads 	 bypass 	 Dove	Soft		fluid   fraction	stayed 	 got 	 
        strobeflicker 	 in leaking dawn light	 clinging to your arm	 held her fiercely	then learn to be the last		coast	side Zero     ness chinic	pupils flooded	acid 
        light from the radiation universe	light		Slow vampire trance	Slow motion roar	 monster	Green	 	 of bomb dust     colour	roar		Eroding	Split this 
        local skin	 Intelligence	 its own                  Orphan Angel		liquify	and thirsty	suffocating throb 	 paralyse 	 the gap 	beats	shock 	bomb	to a thick 
        green pool		slow liquid 	 Mimesis		back out the river	seething data		Ana		kata		movement		tipped  -   without   moving	Strange	 bleed 	  
        flowing together senses	Let go	pattern	Intimate	close	beat of your victim	long fall	Transplanar switch	debris 	angel 	 abysmal fluid thick	for the trigger	 
        pattern	thick heavy pulse	floating	sluggish channel	pulse	the presence of Legba, loa 	 sensed as infusion 	 stroke	 green and black		wave of light. 	faster	
         speed light	 in it		with it	moment	 wire	 verge	fractal 	 in veins fuses 	 veves with mind	 No terror		draw 	 fragile 	 severed memory	activate 
         chemical course	Orphan pain	

	towards the noise	pulling 	 choice 	 place 	 	aether	streaming		been there		by accident,  functional		possible	glimpse	protective strange incident		
    in atomic starburst bright dark	far out	glitterdiamond flow	line	neon violet shadow	cream alien soft grey prisms crystal tracers bright white light		 out of geometry		
    across planes	thrusting	The vertigo of Time travel	fractal wave crest	Pixel hypercolour 	white energy horses	Again	thread to follow	momentary	direct	Surfer	Voice 
    of surfroar.	 nothing else	dissolve reforming shapes bleeding 	white darkness	Trail afterimage	

scanning	memory banks,	 for pattern	matching,sifting speed	beneath  clutter laborious. Connect zone on to zone, 	 shoot	 weaving circuit.	 hurting shimmer threads 
connects deeper. Threads as tonal space.	 digital	fractal surfer bleed into the wind,heard ghosts		 pulse 	attracted	 cell 	 Twice	 pulse	attracting rhythm.	 mirror 
death. 	 heavy bank 	 adjusting cells	 being ridden,	 aether weight.	intimate fusion.	frozen moment	entity imaginable 	 inexorable sense	 behind an amorphous fog bank.
 	mesmerize	 warm candle glow suffuses the diamond dark	  pattern 	 choice	 tendrils, 	 orange ice to pick 	sensation of being brushed by dark desert star eyes                                            PAIN                      KILLER

   Time’s speeding up.	strobe	storms	irreal 	 digit	think contradictory thoughts simultaneously		block out	 sensory data :

 breaks	firing	 Blissed out and in pain. 	metal smelltastes of blood. Death simstims to numb

the waiting generations.	 scrape away skin.	 Speeded up 	mass	  frenzied soliton	detail
wave of light							 		form	 		memory banks													 						 Time’s speeding up Blissed out and in pain		0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000Beyond the Judgement of God.0000000000000100000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000  0000000000000 000000000 0 0 0000000