Cat Ice Trickster :: 2017

Cat Ice Trickster 2017
2 screen HD video installation for Hyperdub Ø at Corsica Studios
running time: 60 minutes

For Hyperdub Label’s monthly night at Corsica Studios, London. Kode 9 and Shannen SP organize the Ø night, for which they invite an artist to showcase an AV project in one of the two spaces. The other hosts a DJ line up of cutting edge Hyperdub associates.

0rphan Drift installed Cat Ice Trickster for one of these nights, working with Jason Stapleton of Lightfarm on Lidar scan animations of urban, forest and ocean environments in and around Capetown, South Africa. Mike Vertolli collaborated on the Google Deep Dream video coding.

Cat Ice Trickster Poster (PDF)

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