The Shaping of a Message in three parts. Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Presentation :: 2018

The Shaping of a Message (Symposium) June 2018
Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths

Shaping of a Message Poster
Shaping of a Message Poster

The last in the series of talks organized by Maggie Roberts with Simon O’Sullivan of Goldsmiths Visual Cultures Department as part of her Research Fellowship. Maggie was excited to have the opportunity to bring these specific radical, sensitive deep minds (in their bodies) together, some of whom she had worked with and been influenced by over many years. Others she resonated with more recently during her time in Visual Cultures. The 5 hour long Symposium provided a platform for sharing research and for opening discussion around the themes that in some ways underpin the 2018 onwards 0rphan Drift focus.

The Shaping of a Message was intended as a conversation, some kind of fictioning experiment, engaging imaginative responses, difficult questions and suggestions of how we, as creative theoreticians and artists can help shape alternative multiple presents.