Orisa Bleed :: 1996

This is a score for a 3 voice AV performance work created in 1996.
It was presented at two conferences held that same year ‘Thinking Alien’, at Leeds University and Performance @ Reembodiment, Goldsmiths University, London.

Voice 1
one body two speeds

shooting lines rip through breakers
waiting back into itself  
waiting for the oshun to tell like a mad sentience

want. what chant.


there is no zero

I am the banker I am the banker I am the banker I am the banker
these our actors as I foretold you,
were all spirits and are melted into air

Oya  wind  feed blood to the shadows   shadows  painted and dead like  painted like dead  like dead want  
want    what chant
sound lures face  machine face  wind  want face out   your body liquifies

I walk with you.  dead a million years  zombie attractor

gray bodies reflecting  gray bodies absorbing


sensory meltdown as your networks compress time

if time is not progressive stability is impossible. if time is not progressive fear is useless

future telling your want. future telling 
I am the music. my time is at hand. I am the music. hear me

I put the circles at the ends of your roads. dark open ring structures. a loop guru. 
OSO  spine sorcery
flash. waiting. time. stop. flash. crying. another face bleeds out into the white darkness. I put the mirrors at the ends of your roads was its breath saying.

shadow is measurement. a vulture is circling. a vulture is looking for excess meat   
an open spine

shadow as measurement
EXPOSURE    FLASH   entering
flash    I cant find it in the fire. skin graft to head after burning. strobe flicker.
volatile. unflinching.   limbs all over zombie time.

I believe in aliens. you are the alien you are the alien. you are the alien. you are the alien. you are the alien. you are the alien. you are the alien. 

zero smooths out
violence spreads in sensation camouflage. virtual theft. virtual theft

voodoo tactics. touch becoming

bruises under ice.the frequency of spreading.shadows begin their assault
laughter shadows in rewind.

machine memory deep inside

seeing without eyes isn't dificult is it?

ogun vision scan across waste immensities         wait
password    out 6 clicks. its crossing
time is in molecular decimation
out.						wait.
axis1 disorder as ghost in the machine
cut and paste pixel lumps of genome

dreams of recombining insects
more possessed. more absent.            extra matter

demons in the shadows. body marks
mirror infixes. skininside. streams of tear in red. burn connection hiss.  intervals to make you a carrier. O.Possession.  streaming spines. motion clicks.clumped with heat

feedback loops .loop garou. two into one.

dreaming snake stillness.
dismantling the face

fortune telling in the tone layers
I am the music

hologram flickers fainter towards its outer layers. a storm is coming and you don't worry any more.
patterns.leaving a hole for something nameless.slithers through.
 a jungle of presence.broken spine.you can't fake on me

open your eyes.

I am another yourself.
mercury taste.

a different machinic.   impulse reccurs
vibration bent out of its source.
ozone 122333 units of gray

oshun cuts across flatline. skinsawn off
round smooth edges of deformation
nomad war machine.

hacking at the solids while the soft ones fold. energy boost to substance
cloning happens within itself cloning happens within  cloning.happens within. itself  cloning hapens within. cloning happens

laughter shadows in rewind

time loops time loops on itself   time loops time  time loops time.

broken rituals

broken rituals
Voice 2
alien to alien. in down the spines      into the wired stillness 
 draining through your cool skin

oshun.  physical takeover. give me your want . giving your want . giving you want 

invader codes. ultimate intimacy. in down the spines. you fuck with deep tomorrow   cuts away the mind

chip intricacy moving in on the thick slow space of logic. I'm high on strange attractors

meshed up with the rythyms

burning sonogram
coding road opener
-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

stroked by green and black 
that is all she feels.  drained back and placed to succumb

ice my ice. static in my head

white darkness. zombie time
a closeness. closes in around you

are the oshuns extraterrestrial or not?

why don't you hunt for the sentient
why don't you know when a thing is dead
why don't you understand a secret
white skies and a floating blank screen on an empty platform. stretching white skies. outlines. tracings. a video burns a hole in my head. hold on hold.

granguignol transcriptease

the future coats your world

OYA  replication spells. black mirror nightmares. the future is ours.

the black mirror teases with depth

if a shadow under water could have a voice it would sound like that

snake wars with the sulfur breath of the wolf.

it melts boundaries between things. it melts things into boundaries.
process.intensity.surface.delirium.liquid.material. reality production sliding in. can't focus on something so alive. humans longing for the end of the world

a universe that isn't this one has trade routes now. collective unconscious software. producing itself in your stories. touching you with loa electricity. 
it in my blood it in my head

parannoia or imagination. fuck its sound fuck its face.  new species transient across the face of matter. vehicles produced from the blanks.

you made the story. the story is real. looking back deadens and drains.
number crunching separates out.  metal blood lust. mestiza blood navigates the blanks. without a species. yearning for change. escape velocity embedded across your days. you tell and move in sound to hear. songlines produce moving and recordings. songlines run backwards to names but produce them as an arbitrary condition that sticks to what needs them. recordings need them. recordings generate another level of want for the songline  and play back to us. feedback circuit for generations. songline highways clumped with heat.     static producing.
you cannot destroy the waste. stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation. evolutonary risk factor.
word blindness .access grid points. slow snake crawl across the body. bite marking it into a grid of numb scars. inhuman markings for avatar resonance. the inhuman code in human. a recording is a temporary thing. wires crossing. replication for replication   out of the test tubes. the clones are done.
reverse transcriptease excess.  mimics then kills what it is in. implants alive. stained with itself. big open seething detail.an excited electron jungle. magneto acoustic burning. plasmic shock wave. reddened skin surface as capillaries dilate. currents eddy inside.

eyes are the first to melt.

o sun my time.
o sun my time.
o sun my time.

dna disassembling itself.
deep inside the hollow sun   pressure 
pre ss ure radiation 
rhythmic pulsing
hidden in the speed of light. 


a new species. as interface. reflector membrane. its territory is the real.     
prowl emergent. digitalvirtual. the speed of light.available screened.truth plus for producing a third weave of mainlines.

avataralien. time travel has nothing to do with time.waiting .the hiss.feral.psychotic.dynamic.still.not there. in another speed. snake in the head. body memory.body functioning as intelligent machine. ruthless perfection.flickering tongues embroidering yearning skin.juddering in sync to vibration grids.describing planes in space you will never find.

total contact.spirit connectors.ogun.iron spirit.ocosi tracking.
predator breath. camouflage jungles.

oshun.   in the wind of unknown chemistries.the surfer gap between dead and alive.

cancer.can sah.can the snakes.implant alive.can the snakes.implant alive.
ink ink all stained with itself.a skin touched by circling storms.a bad exchange rate. ultra physical.the matter moves on. it soaks in. riptides.oshun.fictions crossing paths.touches continuous overload.continues to bite.continues to hide. 
there is no zero. running time means you never have to wait. 
drained in oshun.fluid mercury.

mercury taste

agua incognita.time jungles.snake whine relentless. magnetic..........

more     more     no physical signs
white coyote  long night
long   wrong to say
perfect for the territory
the deepest form of interference
across the boa.break.straking.shriek

way out place of the wind and unknown chemistries

awkward exstasy. face flash. blood trail. static...frequencies....voodoo dark. dark. dark. mirror held up to time.
Voice 3
tuning.  protection.  you can't do it from this kind of time. you don't want the distance any more. you watch the screens and mirrors.  they turn around and blind you by sucking the detail out of everything.  synthetic eve. black pan curls.
 we are not the same species.

what do you want. what do you want. what do you want. what do you want
what do you want  what do you want

virtual machine parts assemble in the waste.
making the black pattern

you bring in these. one is lust that is alive. another is lust that isn't alive anymore and the rest is lust that was never alive in the first place.
you need them all

the excessive pitch.  blood to the shadows. brain stem hacker. music camouflage. spiralling caught in a cylinder.   this wall of sound 
__ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ __ _ _

a baka is a red eyed animal thought to be a demon.       red blood 
		blue space
		black mirror
everything is inside out

when what you want becomes a form
ogun. metal bloodlust. ocosi  the tracker  invisible  jungles
skin crawling. bug dreams and many new kinds of wet. silver heat evaporation. 
dragons blood hold me.         spine shiver. through the machines.

leaning in. sensed as temperature. 

suffocating throb paralyses my heart in the gap between beats. they are hungry for pulse. there is nothing behind you. a smell of burning teeth and eyes bleached with radiation

terror instinct. you fear it might be yours.
reverb implants. hit and run tactics
tattooed like a song.    the clone twins cool voice says its a sorcers revolution. 
become the same as us. become the same as us.    use your voice to make an object

runaway feedback
process inhuman  desire
I touch the universe

if a shadow under water could have a voice it would sound like that.
veve threads weave voodoo in my head

all those circles implanted in her skin. dial exact length of the night.
cut.  no mouth .cut.   oya
there is blood running down the sides of atlantis
smoking black mirror
skin waves. trancing     tracing
teasing with depth
smell of burning rubber

I am fresh kill       water in water

the surfer gap between dead and alive

this drug is very powerful
I think he does more than just see into time

dna felt from a different distance.  you cant fake on me
cells ready to eat themselves.  meet a blind double.        you its eyes. 

seven lenses. model like code. oscilaation.synaesthesia .switch to drift. navigate multiple viewpoints.

eating your nervous system
nothing behind you

I run in the darkness. come out of the desert, fractal touching. boils on contact. making my shapes.weaving my patterns.leaving a hole for something nameless   .slithers through.crouching there.i am your core.  screen guillotine.a jungle of presence.
broken spine. you cant fake on me.   flickering tongues.

weve been looking for a particular kind of biology. the wrong source.
I am another yourself.

an ambiguity in the molecular line

screen guillotine.  autosacrifice

bug dreams. snake fold. new kinds of wet. enter the wetwall.
Walk around infront of yourself. its strange bright dark full of stars and wind.
eyes dazed.disoriented.in sockets bruised yellow and black.   exotic makeup.

Mayan tongues in moving buildings

OYA. wind    feed
way out place of the wind and unknown chemistries.
I am in paradise now