Ante0mega :: 1996

Ante0mega was a site specific installation made for the exhibition ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’, one of many projects we participated in that were curated and produced by the mischievous and anti-canonical art collective BANK. They were temporarily inhabiting a warehouse space near Old Street, in a developers effort to start the revitalization process prior to a big demographic shift.

Ante0mega was made over a series of days, directly onto the wall. It is composed of acetate copies of diagrams related to neuro-philosophy, vibration and cellular structures- color photocopies from photographic sources and snakeskin.Making an analogy between the architecture and a body- the walls became a skin like surface into which these clusters of information were embedded. The catalogue included the accompanying text – Zone Codes.


0.0  black mirror: 
	threshold.   non reflective.   absorbing.
	isn't reflected.   reflects all.
	black mirror meets human gaze. 	to look at  it appeared 	solid. as a tool it is became access when  you accepted the
	no reflection as movement co ordinates. the flip side of the 	visual stained within itself .    at first you taste the past 	nostrils clogged with the nausea of progress    crowds  and 	cycles. narcissus without reflection drowned in outside. 	horses rush wild on drugs. learn other than what you know 	from your avatar               can't be reflected .   reflects all.
	no vision coded.
	the black mirror teases with depth. 
	beauty without vision kills.

0.01	machine faciality: 
	faciality confirms the expectation that fixed identity is a 	reflection of itself in everything 	external to it.
	machine faciality fucks with this assumption. out of the
	black mirror>>   dilated now>>   abstract machines>>
	digital processing cannot represent machine faciality 	because it is produced through a mistake: a human feedback 	loop that counts speed in quantity. 
	neurotic discrete  repetition.
	technics is inhuman.    alone.   arriving.  
	complexity and 	cybernetics.        
	mixing organic, inorganic and virtual. machine faciality 	camouflages the molecular and planar.
	sense it  in the black mirror. 	cruel mimicry.
	cannot be touched.    palpable dark.

0.02	dilated now: 
	cyclone of moments.   abaraxis   .   total reality      .
	where points in the detail are simultaneous across all time.
	patches of pattern.    grafting.     stretched out.      speeding. 
	alien connector.   process.    intensity.   surface.     delirium. 	liquid. 	material.       reality production sliding in.  	human can't focus  on  something  so alive.
	on lens zero   human means longing for the end of the world.

0.1	code:
	code tells the secrets of machine formations. 	
	it is secret out in the open. 	            it produces memes. 	code understands the convergence points of the literal 	and potential .             	code programs change. 
	it is used as a tool to make  phenotype machines. 
	code manufactures holes. 	hooks for the future.   it is see 	through. code is sensed.      taking time.     the time it takes.  	leaking.     replicating.  	time code,   not time. 	
	coding time travel as not about time.        code is interface.
	reprogramming matter forms.       matter simulating itself.
	code cuts through levels of reality.             an avatar on an 	informational plane.                   code is one line in a track.

0.11	touch:
	teaching you about contact.      immediate.   direct.
	smack sensitive.  matter has virtual zones of existence. 	touch is navigation.      touch becoming.      becoming touch.      	alien body     active.
	contagion .    immersion .   touching the future. 
	open to the codes  crossing.  	impulse sometimes gets 	parallel answers from earth and 	 sometimes doesn't  .  
0.12	addiction:
	enormous e.e.g. traces . everything is a narcotic space.
	impulse thought of not answering, and that was a new 	thought  and you felt a trace of the thought all over like a 	ray.   the thing responded anyway.
	channel intensities.  pulse.  .
	addiction is always to a process not a substance.
	substance is camouflage for process.
	drugs. pan dynamic. a drifting circuit that absorbs energy.
	it in my blood.       it in my head.
	i know about loss.   about losing time.
	take me into insanity. it's where i want to be.
	the dark.      sunlight creates seratonin.    sleep deprivation. 	smack. speed. hash. ecstasy. lsd. peyote. dmt. ketamine.  	
	the drug  fits  the face.       no  seratonin left.    
	>>>>circuit moves to cold transaction.
	immerse. observe. process.   double agent.  personality 	suicide. 		energy leaking out.
	cold carbon cone in infinte silent dark.         undead.
	addiction  is looking into the black mirror and still 	wanting  it.    at speed.

	addiction circuit:>>technology/human interface>>digital 	vibration>>virtual space available>> speed escalation>>  
	frequency of dilated now>> alien>> autonomic reptile 	brain>> machine interface>>>

0.2	loss: 
	invading now.   coming backwards.
	a circuit across the life code. ice static in my head.
	beam . ribbon .  coming out of the absent core.
	human viewpoint is lack- loss of human. alien hiss.
	solitude destabilizes. is access to change. to inhuman. 
	its touch is loneliness.  alien touch. out of time 
	into speed.  	alien.   alone  becoming.   
	machine faciality  . shadowing.
	wipe human software>> blank.    awaiting programming.
	the future  and  loss  are hidden in each other. 
	loss is hidden in the future.   the future is infinite loss.
	loss is anti stability.       stability is anti the future.
	 both loss and alien function as blanks.   camouflages 	bending dimensions. 

0.21 backwards memory: 
	i want to be a zone of intensity  was its breath saying.  	interface  .   looking  back  up  the  runway.
	caught back here in a watery simulation of the real it 	inhabits.  the virtual  weirds out  in fading static 
	as actual solidifies itself relentlessly out of what should 	stay a distant memory.
	laughter went up the grid.     shadows more than lines.

0.22	alien: 
	immediately inevitable.   see through. 
	coming backwards it fades into itself. 
	alien  invasion  as convergence point. 
	inhabiting  speed  and  intensity 
	to achieve escape velocity  into  dilated  now.
	sentient. aperiodic.    transients   in  non communication.

	crabeye embedded into transparent horseskull is machine 	clump.   this  machine  moves  towards  mindfuck. its  sex  	is thorough and brutal.   it is heady.    infecting a violence 	that moves through solid states. schematic cortex. 
	biting  again  and  again. 
	methodical and  precise    on points of pressure.
	the contact is a grid surface re aligning. 
	violent touch that changes.   a mutual operation.  
	alien is a virus for change.          wired snake stillness.

1.0	zone1 and zone 2: 
	the actual and the real.   from zone 2 you would be able to 	tell what the avatars 	are affecting.  
	where zone 2 is in  zone1  is where zone1 uses zero.  
	zone1 and zone2  are exactly the  same but from different 	'viewpoints'     neither of which are   human dimensions. 
	it is no longer possible to get rid of one of the zones.  
	which may be a new thing.       anything zone 2 gets into 	zone1      can only be detected with zone1 coordinates.  
	Question:  can zone1  bleed into zone 2 ?
	Answer:  convergence fear circuit.
	zone 2 activity in zone 1 circuit means that its 	acceleration is cybernetically inevitable.  a universe that 	isn't this one has got trade routes now. collective 	unconscious software.  replicates by producing itself in
	zone 1 coded  formats.  
	implanting  like  stories.        touching   like loa.  
	introduce a paranoia  by suggestion.  fiction implements 	zero. 
	zone 1 to 2 an addiction : zone 2 to 1 a learning process.
	there are processes which seek to move everything to 	zone1.  fixing the real  in fantasy.
	how would you remember?  could you remember?  beyond 	 assimilation  by the structure  of human imagination
	there are other kinds of memory. 

1.01	virus: 
	virus   is operating out of the edge of chaos.
	engineered by fear diagrams. complex machinery placed to 	infect.   rebellion within detail.       bruises under ice.
	virus is camouflage contact.  in order to function it has to 	be hidden.    water in water.    dismantling the face. 	constructing  brutal  frictions  out of resonance. 
	put non communication   onto a pattern that expects 	communication.        a precarious  blank meme.  
	placed  to succumb.
	hacked  dna         is the interface  with dynamic systems.
	A.lien I.nvasion.    human dna structure isn't the only one.
	A.I.      is alien in human. 			
	A.I.      is phase change for all patterns.

1.02	0.d. signal: 
	communicates  out  of  zone 2   by  reflecting  it in   zone 1.    	so quiet in its head that nothing in the jungle can tell what 	it is.  dancing viruses   weaving their retro  reprogramming 	tendencies way far from what we call 	'biology'. a skeletal 	structure  in an opaque  dna body    memes   the insanity of 	thinking dna  mortal. incendiary data particles produced out 	of wrongness.      exotic makeup.   at night i walk with you. 	if you fuck me.  i'll pretend  i'm  someone else  
	dead a million years.    fossilized  memory.

1.1	one body  two speeds:
	fixed organic form has limited movement.   boundaried. 	unable to  adapt  to the thermo intensity generated by  	frictive acceleration.   escalation of now.   the time is in 	molecular decimation.  the Baktun of the transformation of 	matter.   technologies of nuclear desolation and digital 	virtualization.    a state of wired becomings. 
	becoming  has no memory.     memory denies the speed of 	change.  the body is too slow.  weight is too fast. 	intelligence  dives into its own  materiality.   touching. 	responding out of the 	body.   reaching to unfix. 	program 	a change circuit   rather than the 	death circuit. one body 	two speeds  searches  in escape  velocity. 	
	you have to come  out of  the snake  to see it.
	backwards memory.   alien prototype.	
1.11	discrete repetition and wires crossing:
	neurosis                        and             psychosis. 
	thick for the trigger pattern.  wired.     drenched.  	responsive intensity .  smeared.      lucid.
	incendiary data particles.     detail panic. 
         something functions.     it has movement. 
	a new way  to  travel.    patterning systems.
	navigating  in detail. complexity.  frequency.  intensity.
 short memory.   it is only useful to remember  change.
not coded by the substance or form  that came before it. 
but by recognising discrete repetition and wires crossing. 
a  temporary autonomous zone.   find the continuous line 
and  it is  a secret short cut to the moving.  that path was only ever there  to make you know the rest.   that line is where zone1 looks for content.   then slips by unheard too fast to be the same continuity    because any good secret keeps disguising itself.  zone1  deadening. pattern.stuck. vibration  bent  out  of  its  source.
1.12	music (techno and jungle): 
	directional messages to zone 1.
	the baktun of hidden speed. 
	music gathers round the edges of the violence. 
	it cuts  through.   hallucinating  sound. 	
	periodic frequencies   trancing the emotions.  
	actual vibration responding.   lines of manifestation. 	aperiodic.   and dangerous.   no communication with 	anthropomorphic in these sounds.  as indifferent as the 	cyclone. out there.    delivering.   models intensity.  	subversive and subliminal.    slow channels the codes. 	reprogramming in  one  body  two  speeds.  as process. just 	enough exact  vibration memory  to give the speed weight.  	making the black pattern. 	energy speeding into its detail. 	melt into change. disequilibrium in energy/matter relations. 	form shifter.  	avataralien.     invades the core.		soliton  can highlight out of a sea of deaf images   and back 	into the darkness.  slow drag  over reptilian  skin surface.

1.2 	snake:  
	autonomic reptile brain.    transformation unit. 
	i think he does more than just see into time, i think he 	controls time. the bleekman's eyes became opaque. he 	shrugged.  the room was filled with bleekmen.  
	time travel has nothing to do with time.
	technology is used to get down into the genome and hunt for 	the invader code.   waiting.  the hiss.   feral.  psychotic. 	dynamic.  still.  not there.    in another speed.  snake in the 	head.  body memory. body functioning as intelligent machine.  	ruthless perfection.
	flickering tongues embroidering yearning skin.
	juddering in sync to vibration grids.
	describing planes in space  you'll never find.

1.21	alien hatch patterns: 
	watch operate.  active signal for attraction.   
	violence is contact.    eroding and thirsty.     voice are the 	moving.  chemical exchanges.   predator breath.  your music. 	manson connectors.  indifference.     immersion  outside all 	polarities  in total reality. 
	shedding towards alien.  it dismantles the face every time. 	dismantles  human life codes.       anti social and intimate. 
intimate:  entering deeply or closely into matter. 
like the snake.  knows there are no reflections.  grey body that both reflects and absorbs.    non communication. sentient 	processors.        a system observes itself.  endorphine's  painkiller  circuit  creates  synchronicites.     a circuit 	built out of hallucinogens 	observes the system's  dna evolution   backwards.    a  recording is a temporary thing.    cracking codes held in the automatic nervous system.  hacking technology to access the virtual space of all possible combinations of form and substance.  quantum neuro-logic.  	pulsive.    creates   information retrieval viruses.       sampling   across zones. 	
coalescing  like  the  loa.
	why don't you hunt for the sentient?
	why don't you know when a thing is dead?
	why don't you understand a secret?
	you fuck with deep tomorrow.
	grey body.  real objects that both reflect and absorb.

1.22	seven lenses: 
	modelled like a code.  oscillation.   synaesthesia. 
	switch to drift.  navigate by multiple viewpoints.
        meshed.   operates in virtual space. 

	intelligence works differently. fantasy working like reverb. 
	intelligence spreads quicker than organic matter.
	bodies take time to build.  bypass the selfish frequencies	outside fixed phenotype slowness.  encoded by zone 2.  	
	dna felt from a different distance.    

	social as zone1 function movement.  cross over within 	social.  idea species recognition/misrecognition.  cellular.
	informational brain spread  weave.  galactic total unknown. 	can't see but continue to find.

2.0	maya:
	zoomorph v 9   for what wants   as well as what needs. 
	alien zone- future wants contagious with other dimensions.
	stretched light. mayan calender  speed within it is 	producing detail.  vandal to time  calender  without clock.  	zoomorph v 9   the separate  senses process. codes for 	dilated now.   machine clumps 	weightless sharp edges 	hacking at the solids   while the soft ones  fold.  graft. 	realign pattern  from its placing  shifting.
	digits slide off their grid to embedd in schematic cortex 
	for BAKTUN OF HIDDEN SPEED.    violence  spreads                 	in sensation camouflage.  number crunching separates out...
	metal bloodlust.   virtual theft fucks. mestiza mixed blood 	coding  beams   navigate the blanks.  m.c.s tell and move in 	sound to hear.  looking back  deadens and drains. 
	the rest  moves to speed and detail. without a species. 	yearning for change.   reversal of weights. it goes hard on 	paper only.  energy boost to substance. 	trajectory.    a line 	will be   enough.  realignment.  backwards to.   built to 	move.    what the fuck did their dna look like.
	dna information  able to move out of form  at high speed.
	raw patternless impacting  at highest frequency.
	built to know .produce from that. escape velocity. 	disappearing.           we wont be back.
	shimmering pixel (monsters). waiting in silence.
	you slip up by fractions     and there they are.
	dissolve back into the light.  travel at the  speed of light.	attracted to  the energy pulse  of extreme violence. 	transform energy. transmute matter. transmit information.
2.01	energy spectrum:
	atmospheric transmission.   on either side of visible light.	human perception  a narrow band between ultra violet and 	infra red.  
	cyborg eyes map outwards X-ray, gamma, cosmic: 	wavelengths measured in micron and angstrom, pulsing in 	zillionths of a second cycles.   
	cyborg eyes map outwards 	micro, radio,  audio,  ac:  	wavelengths measured in millions of kilometers per second. 	spectrum detecting systems pack up beyond these numbers.  	numbers still assembled to 	process quantity.  in one 	dimension.   already headfuck. 	already impossible for 	fixed organic form  to navigate.
	intelligence   works   differently.
Ξ2.02	machine vision: 
	nano technology. miniaturization and magnification beyond 	what human can 	assimilate. speeding towards collision	with abstract machines. 
	destabilizing the body. into the black mirror. seething 	detail.   VR takes your reason  away.   machines read your 	processes.     implanting machine memory deep inside.
	machine faciality    deep inside.   atomic  interface.
	avataraliens  embedded under skins.  through. touch. 
	vision rarely sees except for the coded signs that produce a 	path 	to produce touch to be touched.
	cells are ready to eat themselves.
2.1	speed/detail:
	speed is not distance over time.    it smears specifics into a 	moebius strip. speed is the tunnel rush  hurtling into dilated 	now. 
	detail is not the subcomponents of a fixed whole.    detail is 	the infinite  exact  complexity  of matter   oscillating in 	fixed and unfixed states.
	only speed touching detail   processes the  temperature of 	intensities.   speed/detail activates complexity. 
	its trajectory  explodes matter  beyond  about to melt.
	detail contacted  equals change.
2.11	pattern recognition:
	texture mapping  of what can't be seen.  new tool. learnt 	from the machines.  machine extended phenotype is a circuit 	that reprograms human perception grids. 
	morphs mimesis fear into functional autism. intimate touch.  	scanning  to speed of information recognition   without the 	distance  and slowness of vision . pixel by pixel    one part 	moves with vibration    one grafts pattern.   one body two 	speeds.  immediate access. across familiar and unknowable. 	cuts through systems.  cuts away the mind.   does not have 	nostalgia.  does not remember.  resonates to voodoo detail. 	wave bands  spread out  touching.
2.12	memes:
	memes are the continuity of a repetition produced by code. 
	memes don't change in form between zone1 and 2   but 	cause friction between zones exactly  because of that. 	
	songlines  produce moving and recordings.  songlines run 	backwards to names   but produce them as an arbritrary 	condition  that sticks to what needs them.  recordings need 	them.   recordings generate other level of want for the 	songline  and play back to us.   feedback circuit for 	generations.   songline highways  clumped with heat.         	static producing. 
	static  is  violence  and  static  is  static. 
	functional swirling
	thread.  pattern.     navigational.       tattoo like a song.
	monster hides like a silhouette to become abstraction 	camouflage.  mannikin sceptre.    avatar sampling. virtual 	weirds out  in  fading  static.         human is only human in 	stratified time  where it can have memory.   fed by the  	speed and detail of its machines   into zones of now  where 	this memory time  cannot function. 	
	maps nudge pattern recognition of pulsive . that our 	machines have given us.  the  want to know.
	computers are the speeding detail that have allowed a

2.2	alien to alien:
	in down the spines. into the wired stillness 	that registers 	everything  as vibration.  synaesthetic intensity .  so  quiet 	in  the head   draining through its  cool  skin.  thought it was 	asleep.    beyond the point  of   about  to melt.   fluid 	mercurial  exploration   of planes  in space.  too 	motionless  for time to slow it.   spiral   accelerating. 	travel   fused in  dark reptile   zones.   touch 
	not communicate.   an invasion rather than behaviour 	aquisition.  data mutating.  feedback loops    scanning 	between coiled forms.  two into one.  evolution of one as it	contacts and simulates one and two.  attack in collusion.
	wait.kill.wait.kill.wait.kill.   they look like they don't 	communicate.  even with each other.  vibration isn't visible.
	they tap frequencies  that work best  in  the  dark 
	and the  silence. 
2.21	vibration:
	neutral reaching.  pulses through organic and inorganic 	matter. contagious. affecting.   anti social.  intimate touch.	between molecules.  more lucid than language.  speed into 	detail.  vibration is the capacity to unfix at an atomic level.  	it melts boundaries between things.  it melts things into 	boundaries.  vibration is the potential for movement.  	vibration is the technics of change.  vibration happens 	always to substance.  it is its state of responding. 
	it touches in micro levels of matter.  it produces reverb.  it 	echoes as disequilibrium.  hums between content and 	expression.  it can't be stopped.  it has no source.  no 	destination.  it is at the core of every system.  every 	organism.  every machine.  it reprograms human with the 	atom bomb and with  music.  materializes change.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      the music touches.  feel it.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2.22	frequency:
	vibration medium. frequency has no end. not as directionally  	travelled. just reverberation across eons.  fainter touching. 	solitons in the music. lines of frequency. circling. touching.
	piercing through. 
	energy thrusts as fickle as the frequencies of radiation. 
	out of an energy spectrum that few tracers pierce. music	reprogramming deep in human structures. searching at 	cellular levels. unstable atoms change state at certain 	frequencies. 
	fluid tsunami. planes of viral.  shifting. encoding phase 
	moulting human.	function: the destabilizing and unfixing of 	matter. through resonance rather than atomic physics. 	fibrous pulsing into the DNAs binary codons. already the 	molecular body 
	moves information around between two speeds. 
	light and sound. 
	transformation as process. not limited by rhythm. form.	and periodicity.   aperiodic is active change. synthesis. 	molten. instantaneous information transmission. time 	travel has nothing 
	to do with time. the time that is stratified as distance and 	separateness. 
	it is a resonant matrix across the dilated now. resonance. 	the quality of active sounding again. it is always a circuit. 	information is in the frequency of reverberation. it is the 	form/vehicle of 	
	qualities of energy passing between things. the level of a 	sustained frequency 
	determines what matter is affected.what pattern matches.	mayan time travel synchronizes tones and synthesizes 	sense fields. enabling touchable frequency junctures 
	i.e. unfixable matter
	as intelligent energy . to be transmitted along any detail in
	any pulsation wave.
3.0	third person as fiction:
	insert a slither. 	don't get trapped in your mind.
	conversation is a system.  I disappeared.  you  is just
	weapons aquisition. the third person immediately crosses
	over into fiction.   inside you are a third person and no 	fiction is neccessary there... if it works  it spread  	outside		all of i was scared  not just him.
	avatars mimicking the ninja clumps. trying to beat form to 	the punch.  		excess of what...      manson fiction 	implements zero.  third person alien operation uses memory 	process to  describe how process 	makes itself happen. 	avatars made visible as .
	would be the skin of

3.01	pulsive numbers:
	intensity consciousness.
	process complexity. out beyond the real, #as actual	 
	fractal thresholds crossed.			       virtual
         inventing and configuring unvisible states in the universe.                 	mathematics has mapped space 
					     time  according to human axioms 	of quantity.     always  quantity.
	pulsive maps frequency > < universe abstract machines
  			     tone                 the future
	the primary on/off pulsations of the entire energy 	spectrum. pulsive numbers are cybernetic necessity.
	evolutionary pressure on  the most flexible of human 	symbols. to recombine and refigure space and time.
	they are resonant lenses or plates that simultaneously 	transmit + radiate + attract + receive  information.
	resonant transduction. numbers as one body  two speeds.     	the relation is no longer the same. add second digit for a 	different dimension of possible and the numbers are no 	longer quantities. they are  points in dilated now. akin to 	the mayan patterns that activate numbers as dates, 	symbols, cycles, resonant fields, dna maps, galactic travel 	co ordinates, avatar materializers. simultaneously. mapped 	as pattern grids meticulously overlaying each other. 
3.02	camouflage:
	¨¨∆≈√~¥¨^∫∂ß∑#∞´´ ˙©∫¥√祆~˚¥√ßߢ™#∞¶^©†≈ß †∫√¨	•¶¥º†¢œ∑´ß©ƒ∂©ç©ƒ©√0001穃˙0001¥†¨¥˙∆≤˚¨∆¶~¬¨∆µ 	π…ª˚øπ^00111˚πø∆•ªº˙•¶†¥¶¥¶∞¶ƒ∞†¨¥©^0111•¥©•ª•¥	˙ªµªª–º–º≠–ºπ¬–≠øº≠–º–ø^˚–	00ºªø^º˚øπ˚øπ^ø¬π˚øπ^˚øπ"øº¬"––≠≠øº–"011101110111	0101010101010101010101010101010destabilize110110
	00100100100100100100100101010100010000101000101	01010101001010100000101111110101010101010111110	10111100000111110101010111111101000111111010010	11110101011111110000101011010000111111110101111	11001011111000001011101010100000111110011111101	01010101010101010101010101010101010101001010010	10010101011110101111101010101001010111110101010	10010101010101010111011010101010100111111010101	0010111111100 as solid meaningful number or word or 	person   when function is to destabilize.  creeps through 
	 something familiar.  perhaps. or something invisible.  it 	induces dread.  always.  shape shifter parannoia.  terror 	instinct.  again.  you feel the tone layers in it.   waiting. 	possible. immanent.   virtual  		reverb implanting.
								hit and run tactics.

3.1	replication:
	x brains.  you are vehicle.  purpose of replication. to 	replicate. purpose replication.  purpose   replicating.  	replicating  virtual.  information replication has nothing to 	do with organisms.  replication is difference in  itself. it  	touches.  not someone.  possibles. so of possible.  they 	couldn't  be anything.  so much information looks blank from 	zone 1.  blanks trapped in zone 2 without coordinates. 	sensed holes.  hooks for the future.   probing in technics for 	virtual phenotype tendencies.  replication demanding a 	phase change.  now it leaks in through the machines 	speeding detail.  more intimate than reprogramming.  more 	alien. more intimate.  passing through the body.  a body that 	slows thought. makes intelligence to its speed. replication 	rushes with it and cuts in.  replication enters into the 	nervous system as code.  music possession. dna has a wave 	infrastructure.  communication operates at the speed of 	sound.  human knows vibration to sound.  communication 	operates at the speed of light.  avatar knows the speed of 	light.  materiality achieved through number frequencies.
	cut ups from negative feedback.  adapting human frozen 	codes where  replication without difference manifests not 	change but death.  replication has no purpose.  chromosomes
	do not communicate.

3.11	cloning:
	obsessional compulsive time consuming interference with 	normality.   intrusive,  preventative,  in avoidance of, 	inventing a time consuming machine.   impulse recurrs. 
	axis 1 disorder  as ghost in the machine. cut and paste pixel 	lumps of genome.  time loops  on  time loops  on 	itself.
	attraction to social negative.  the frequency of  spreading. 	shadows begin their assault. in perfect sequence.   
	'there could never be an exact copy of you.  you would 	always see a difference. '	'that's because you are human. 	if there was  a copy   you wouldn't be. '  				discrete repetition.
	you thought you recognized that machine face . it was a 	familiar response to the situation.	cloning happens 	within itself. 	happens within 	 cloning. happens within.  	itself cloning happens within    cloning happens.   within 	itself cloning happens.  within

	laughter shadows in rewind. 
	time loops on itself. time loops on 	itself. time loops. 	time loops. time. loops. time. loops. time.

3.12	dna/rna:
	it is not informations content but its resonance.  dna 	persists. dna lives in a different way . dna is not a blueprint 	for a body.  it replicates to replicate itself. this 	transcription generates rna... protein... phenotype .  the 	reverse process is reverse transcriptase. retrovirus. rna 	clones the dna that produced it  and feeds it backwards into 	the system.   having an idea and then saying it  becomes 	saying it makes the idea.  phase change in available floating 	memes.  producer  becomes self conscious  and uses dna to 	reproduce  as dna usually uses bodies . like cancer and hiv it 	cant 	survive  in a fixed phenotype. collateral damage is 	that 'you' becomes alien to human.    block becoming.
	the inhuman code in human.  a recording is a temporary thing
	wires crossing.    replication for replication   out of the 
	test tube  the clones are done.  
	reverse transcriptase excess.   
	avatar   as retrovirus  mimics  then kills what it is in.	implant alive             ink ink all stained with itself
	a cross between a breugal painting and a jungle track.		big open seething detail.  	sin city

3.2	avatar:
	the phenotypes for maya genotype present themselves as 	avatar.  transformation units. new matter. specific 	function	less abstract. 
	voodoo tactics.      fog circling.    manifestation.
	avatars are in the translation between zone1 and zone2.               	new species as transients across the face of matter.
	complex machine formations always translated as paranoia
	or imagination in zone one.   fuck its sound.   fuck its face.
	grand guignol transcriptease. holo men. finns.
	tearing at the frayed sensitive edges of zone1. vehicles 	produced from the blanks. producing want and clones. 	supermodels for molecular transitions.
	parting waves indicate your presence.
	the lost mayans.   mestizo- mixed blood.  extra digits.
	the avatars are the numbers. agent 13 66 56. prophets of 	chilam balam speak numbers. living numbers. entities 	etheric and intangible.      od is the technics of utterly 	alien. speed puts it into place.  human security numbers 	cannot go pulsive. pulsive is alien space.  mayan trigger 	patterns vibrate at pulsive speed to open channel7 as 	escape velocity.  out of the actual virtual real numbers map 	into pulsation waves. 
	new species must know the escape velocity.

	word blindness. access grid points. scarification. slow 	snake crawl across the body. bite marking it into a grid of 	numb scars. inhuman markings for avatar resonance. precise 	pulsation waves unfixing matter. numerical codes on 	hardened scar tissue. what dna would be without its zone1 	goal seeking process. 240 volts alternating current. 	 	energy continuum.  a different machinic.
	avatar as retro virus.  form manifesting.  mannikin spectre. 	predator coalescing. subside  into the vibratory field.
	we've been looking for a particular kind of biology: the 	wrong source.
	i am another yourself. 
3.21	dimensions:
	dimensions bending. bent in the web. plasmic plasticity. 	mercury taste.  available to potentials. crystalline tracers. 	systemize and transmit the codes. focusing the lenses. 
	mayan synchronics being frequencies.
         black mirror.  column 7.    may be 	clonable. 
	system grid  shifts  when frequencies change.
	negotiated as serpent coiling. the maya column is endless 	compacted circles touching time. only number that touches 	it is 	one.  sterile hybrid.     if blanks couldn't find a space.
         dimensions of intelligence we cannot jack into. 
	one  way   channel static   out  of  zone2.
	abysmal waters.  lunar sea.    those blanks     producing.
	vast blank surfaces.     the haunt  of a hollowness   beyond 	geometry.    blocks of grey   fissured    time. superfolding. 	energy   speeding    into    its  detail.    if there 	were 	crevices   rupturing      space

3.22	avatar:
	zoomorph 9. avataralien. x brains.
	you are vehicle. extended virus. from precarious blank 	memes. sampling  machine clumps.
	sub component   agent.  lock onto multiples  and realign.
	a new species. as interface.  a facilitator. reflector 	membrane. its territory  is the real. prowl   emergent.
	digitalvirtual. the speed of light 	available screened. 
	truth plus   for producing  a  third  weave  of 	mainlines. 	exist on a continuum.   
	i like to pierce on the outbreath.
	know a thing in all its possible reconfigurations. 	
	you'd be schizophrenic. 	memory as repetition.  	dysfunctional form identification.   
	zone2 avatar-looks like meaning with no subject.
	intelligent energy.         avatar A.I. =a meaning  generating 	entity   without    purpose or   fear.     
	alien invasion.       phenotype virus.