Becoming Octopus Meditation 7 :: 2020

Becoming Octopus Meditation 7 2020
running time: 10 minutes 15 seconds

Hi Everyone,
Making and sharing these sessions has been what’s framed the weeks over the last few months – and given solidity to an otherwise Covid-elastic experience of time. Meditation 7 has formed around an incredible quote by Willem Flusser in his small book ‘Vampyroteuthis Infernalis’, about a giant squid looking at human worldviews. In this he says it’s time for an octopoid revolution in consciousness. Well that’s had me thinking for about 3 years now… and also, developing the script for this session, I’ve realised how much several books have helped me formulate my octopoid revolution. Donna Haraway’s ‘Staying with the Trouble’ gave me hope that we and the planet could have a future and Viveiros de Castro’s ‘Relative Native’, that we needed to rethink how we are human and how we relate to non human life. So thanks to my friend John Cussans for introducing me to de Castro and thanks to Jamie for the overwhelmingly beautiful and strange footage. Blender gets harder the more I’m realising what it’s possible to visualise. Megan where would these creatures be without you?

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