Becoming Octopus Meditation 4 :: 2020

Becoming Octopus Meditation 4 2020
running time: 10 minutes 22 seconds

Hi Everyone,
I hope you’re feeling a bit more distributed and multi-sense aware than a few weeks ago! Since we last streamed a meditation, I’ve seen a beautiful small ultra violet and grey coloured octopus, waiting out a heavy ocean swell, pressed down between two rocks by a bigger rock shelf. Keeping their eye on me whilst I flailed about in the surge and pull of the water.

This session will focus on how information is received, the environment absorbed and responded to, and what senses are involved. We’re now half way into the series. Later sessions will explore curiosity, adaptability and plasticity, the impact of humans and what an octopoid revolution might entail… Me and the team at iMT Gallery hope you are enjoying these journeys. Please do share them with friends.

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