Avatar Tools for Engineering Demon Convergence in a Space :: 1999


TIME RELATION:	time rider. passes on time.
TRAVELS IN:		lightening, electricity. thunder storms.
COLOURS:		reds and electric blue vein.
DYNAMIC PRESENCE:	pressure, heat, volcano, sun gods, bladed sun 	
			tongues and spirals, friction, fusion. 
LIGHT ASPECT:		lasers, radiation burns, (artificial) electricity.
SNAKE ASPECT:	serpent battles, vibrational density of conductors,
			the lightening snake connector.
METAL ASPECT:	nuclear conductor, unstable atomic structures.
BLOOD ASPECT:	spreading to the outside, oxygen/ heart system, 				bloodlines,heart sacrifices to the sun.
DIGITAL ASPECT:	sun pulse, laser.
MAGNETIC FIELDS:	radiating out and targetting in.

TIME RELATION:	invisibles. outside time.
TRAVELS IN:		metal weapons, military in our time, evolving into 				machine feedback.
COLOURS:		green and black.
DYNAMIC PRESENCE:	nomad war machine, fluid metal body, digital 
			reduction, antagonistic, memory lapses, warrior 				turbulence, dilated now.
LIGHT ASPECT:		strobing.
SNAKE ASPECT:	danger held here, speed catatonia rush(from zero to 
			speed), hiss rattle, immediate responding, predator 			effects, total body memory.
METAL ASPECT:	weapons, spike jewellry, iridium, acid etch.
BLOOD ASPECT:	autosacrifice, blood becoming smoke, personified 				blood, burning blood to summon the nomad war 				machine.
DIGITAL ASPECT:	preverb, the sound of time travel, fast chittering 				strobe, turbulence of different speeds at the same 				time.
MAGNETIC FIELDS:	full on labyrinth, spiky and relentless.

TIME RELATION:	time rider. passes on time.
TRAVELS IN:		the essential of the desiring machine. incites your 				want, enjoys your seduction. knows ecstasy and deep 			pain.
COLOURS:		radiating golds and coppers, alien pinks and reds.
DYNAMIC PRESENCE:	physical takeover, physical telepathy, trickster 
			tease, the third eye, bacterial sex, strange 	
			attractors, stuff finds you, distraction and glamour, 				luxurious deceiver.
LIGHT ASPECT:		glitter, glimmer, glow, prismatic light, sun bathing, 				colour absorption.
SNAKE ASPECT:	erotic tentacles, kundalini zones, skin memory and 					absence, tempter.
METAL ASPECT:	magnetic attractors, currency(deception), precious 					metals.
BLOOD ASPECT:	circulation- currents, dangerous communication, 					transport system.
DIGITAL ASPECT:	complexity, strobe doubles, skins/surfaces/layers of
			perception, planes of sound, feedback, unusual familiars.
			she makes visual effects by telepathy.
MAGNETIC FIELDS:	telepathic strange attractor labyrinths.

TIME RELATION:	time rider. passes on time.
TRAVELS IN:		camouflage, tidal rhythms and perceptual warping. 
			webmaker, tracker, navigator.
COLOURS:		violet pattern invisibles and ultraviolet blues.
DYNAMIC PRESENCE:	immersive, fluid, water monsters and waves, 
			morphing, the old ones, alchemical.
LIGHT ASPECT:		lights that search, light bending, moonlight, cold light, 
			deep heavy darks.
SNAKE ASPECT:	skin camouflage, navigates in all spatial planes (fluid 			spine), vibrational ocean.
METAL ASPECT:	circuitry, wirings, optical fibres, liquid metals 				(mercury), shifting between solid and liquid states.
BLOOD ASPECT:	lunar bleeding, womb blood, heavy blood.
DIGITAL ASPECT:	fluid image mutation and morphing, echoes undersea, 			wet metal sound effects, slow sound diffraction, 				gradually falls apart.
MAGNETIC FIELDS:	perceiver and invisible time tides (rip tides). 					there is no zero.

TIME RELATION:	invisibles. outside time.
TRAVELS IN:		digital unlife, flatline, feeds blood to the shadows.
COLOURS:		shadow luminescence.
DYNAMIC PRESENCE:	machine memory deep inside, blanks around minute 				lines 	of detail,the time travel avatar, extraterrestrial 			geometries, molecular movement, disassembly, the 			furthest out(pluto) and the deepest within(core), 				undead, zombi. 
LIGHT ASPECT:		shadow, eclipse shadow, thresholds, blackmirror, total 			dark but seeringly light.
SNAKE ASPECT:	snake inside itself, shadowbody, body without organs, 			virtual states of snakeness, blank eyes.
METAL ASPECT:	core of the earth, cthell, molten underworld, zombie 			powder.
BLOOD ASPECT:	bruises under ice, total stillness, blood the substance, 			artificial blood trails that cuts through time.
DIGITAL ASPECT:	smooth changes, sub bass, the high pitch of the nervous 				system, things get replaced but you don't know why. 
MAGNETIC FIELDS:	full on labyrinth, endlessly folding moebius strips.